[Anime News] Little Buster PV and Official Site open

Open in sunday and confirm at ANN, Little Busters anime get near their debut on television. The official site (click the pic above) open with a promotional video which is possibly an opening video for the anime series that … planned to release at this fall 😕

New cast added according to ANN for Rikki Naoe and Sasami Sasasegawa are Horie Yui for Rikki and Sora Tokui for Sasami … (hmm … Hocchan as Rikki, I wonder if she will act like when she cast Mizuho in Otome wa Boku ni Koishiteiru :-?) while other cast is still the same as in the galge series 😀 and seem like there is a character that isn’t participate in this anime 😦

about the PV itself … is it my eyes or it’s true that the animation in PV is a bit (I won’t say it bad … ups, I said it) “not good enough” for an anime that is from Key’s :O even though the opening PV is similar with the galge opening … oh well, I just hope JC Staff really (really) didn’t ruin this anime in their TV debut :<

btw, here is the op (also available in the official site)


4 thoughts on “[Anime News] Little Buster PV and Official Site open

    • well, I just wondering where Masato’s muscle go? xD
      he looks abit thin, compare to his “big shoulder and muscled” appearance in the game 😕

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