[Music In-View] Haruka Tomatsu – Yume Sekai

Been a while since my last post in music category (Claris – irony that posted in 2010 xD) and because I’m currently watching Sword Art Online, I want to recommend a single from Haruka Tomatsu titled Yume Sekai which also the Ending Theme of Sword Art Online TV Anime. Released in July 25, 2012 under Sony Music label, these single contains only 2 song and 1 instrumental

Track List

01. Yume Sekai (ユメ セカイ)

02. Issai Gassai

03. Yume Sekai (Instrumental)

This cutie became famous when she take the role as Nagi in Kannagi and also perform Kannagi’s OP and ED theme (both are great single >.<). Now she is a well known seiyuu (with many role in anime) and a famous singer, and also a member of a seiyuu group Sphere. In Sword Art Online anime she take the role of main heroine Asuna  and perform the ending theme of that anime (currently the OP theme is yet to released)

Really … this single is great … err I mean the first song Yume Sekai >.< ever since I heard it the first time I watch the anime, I immediately in love with it xD maybe the best anime theme this season so far (to me :p) click the cover above for Haruka Tomatsu official site

but honestly the second song isn’t my like, though 😀


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