[Galge News] Navel 10th Anniversary

Navel open their new box for celebrate their 10 anniversary by giving their fans a gift “Tsuki ni Yori sou Otome no Sahou“. Yep … and for that, they called back Suzuhira Hiro to join them again to collaborate with Nishimata Aoi for the project. It’s been a while for the combo, after their last work at Shuffle Essence Plus (and Navel only use Nishimata’s artwork in their game onward), now this two close friends working together again just like when they’re made that phenomenal Shuffle >.<

Planning to release at October 26 this year, the story will take All-Girl School, Maid, Character from overseas and Princess theme that somehow is too common in galge world … but 😀 …

for the first time I think (and so far I know) that Navel will give you a trap character that will become the protagonist (Shujinko) in their game xD … yep don’t be shocked about that, it’s true … and if you wondering who is it, just look at that banner pic above :>

you see that maid … lol xD

Announced for the first time in Comptiq August edition while in Push and Tech Gian will be at September edition

For more info, just visit the game official site (click the pic above)

but … man, a trap again in all-girl school (common theme) 😕 I wanna know how my friend will react if he see this :> (he is a fans of Suzuhira Hiro but also a Trap hater xD)


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