[Music In-View] Choucho 1st Album – flyleaf

Another good recommended music for this season :D. First album debut as a professional singer for Choucho under the label of Lantis, this album released at August 08 – 2012, using the first song title “flyleaf” as the album title. Almost all the song in her previous single added in this album except the flyleaf that originally for this album only, and all the song includes Kamisama no Memo-chu OP theme “Kawaru Mirai”, Mashiro Iro Symphony OP theme “Authentic Symphony”, The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky ED theme “Harmonia”, A video game Kaku-San-Sei Million Arthur theme song “Million of Bravery” (with Hyadain), and Hyoka OP theme Yasashisa no Riyu. Released with 2 edition, the Limited Edition came with a DVD that contain of 3 Music clip for 3 song; flyleaf, Authentic Symphony and Kawaru Mirai.

CD contents of both the regular and limited edition is still same, with the total of 14 songs inside … here is the list

01. flyleaf
02. Authentic Symphony
03. telescope
04. Aozora no Kodou
05. Million of Bravery
06. Komorebiiro no Kioku
07. 7th HEAVEN
08. Niji no Asa ni
09. Sleeping Butterfly
10. Harmonia
11. looping star
12. Yasashisa no Riyuu
13. Swallow Tail – Butterfly Edge
14. Kawaru Mirai

Major debut for the first time in 2011 with the single of the OP theme Kamisama no Memo-chu, Choucho originally a Nico Nico Douga user and an utaite (what is it? … just ask google, kay :D) also a member of Asamack (a collaboration utaite partner in nico nico). This album isn’t her first, cause in 2011 she already had one title Lapis, but this flyleaf is her first professional album under a label (Lantis).

The first time I heard her voice was when I watch Mashiro anime. Her voice is indeed great >_< so I thought she is a new singer promoted by a label or something (until I found out that she is an utaite in nico nico :O). I like the Mashiro Iro Symphony OP theme, but after hearing this album (I really love her Komorebiiro no Kioku >.<), I think I began to like her voice more >.< (start to be a fans of her … yey xD)

but wew … from a Nico Nico Douga user, an utaite, now step in to the professional music world ^.^

Internet sure can make your dream come true 😀


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