[Galge News] The new Material Brave and a sweet sound of a Kissbell … plus a ZERO

While waiting for Anoore in 28th, lets take a little peek on their 2 new project :>

First is Metal Brave Ignition. This game is a sequel … hmm 😕 … more precisely is a new chapter of the previous Baldr Force Metal Brave. Adding a new story each heroine, new mystery and new enemy, plus 😕 it seem Ena Kuraki will also had her new story in this game (that’s the why she is on the cover xD).

Gameplay is still the same as the previous one, but the developer promise a new dungeon system for more fun. Some changes also includes more advances costume and accessories equipment (so we can make our own custom character :-?). The site open in last August, announced in PUSH and Tech Gian September edition, further info will coming soon but some other info you can access here

The next one is a new game with is (very-very) similar with their previous series Hotch Kiss :] At first, I thought this is Hotch kiss or a fandisc but then I found out that this is completely different with Hotch Kiss xD

Kiss Bell ‘let’s sound the kissing bell of the promise’  is another new galge from GIGA that will be released this year after Anoore (because Ignition still TBA). Plan to be released at November 22, 2012,  this game resemble a lot with Hotch Kiss, their heroine, their uniform and their design chara 😀 and seem like this game had a little relation with Hotch Kiss (:-? or maybe I’m wrong), well visit here for more info :3

And for the last one is ZERO …

though a bit late (maybe) and for you who already know or waiting for this one, yep … Zero is a new Baldr Sky series …. collaboration with Shirou Tsunashima (Jinki Extend designer character), GIGA finally reveal the project and open the official site, though still less of information, at least the fans will be delighted with this :]

hmm …. Baldr with Jinki taste … I think is fine too :3

can’t wait for them >_<


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