[Galge News] A continuation? … or …

… or maybe just like Flyable Candy Heart (that’s more like a fandisc than a sequel, though I hope it would like Mayuri’s game :3)

But it seems the story still continue about fighting (or maybe solving) the Mist (Misto) problem and other magic phenomenal in Tenbinrori Gakuen (am I wrong??). With adding new event (of story) and new characters, Zanei no Yoru ga Akeru Toki will be Blossom’s 6th project so far :3 and because this is also a part of Clockwork Ley-line series the staff is still the same (I have a little hope that Itou sensei could give her character here :p but … that’s too much I think xD)

Release Date? well … just wait until they fully open the banner corner xD


2 thoughts on “[Galge News] A continuation? … or …

  1. That 1st game was not even good. It was so disappointing.

    I have a feeling they are stuck with making the 2nd game (due to development costs) even though obviously the 2nd one will sell horribly. unison shift blossom quickly running itself in the ground without Itou Noizi….. so sad…..

    • hmm …. i still playing the fist one so i dunno if that so disappointing, but… to think that the storyboard staff (and the scenario) are still the same person that makes Flyable Heart 😕

      maybe (it is true that) the absence of Itou-sensei really had some impact to them 😦

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