Happy Holidays


It’s Late one day!!!

Okay yeah I know

lately I’ve been really busy with my job (in real life) that I barely have a time  just to have this Christmas happy time 😐 well … don’t ask, cause we really won’t have a thing called Christmas Holiday or something like that at my place, even I must back to work today (Dec 26) -_- But (even the holiday is only 3 days for me) I still enjoy my Christmas with my family 😀 .oO(hmm … now it’s more like a diary)


to all of you who celebrate it

and for this year Christmas, we’ve got a new and the first Christmas single from Monkey Majik 😀 a Canadian-Japanese music group from Sendai (and the group who perform the Opening theme of Nurarihyon no Mago anime TV series) which was released in Dec 5, 2012

A Christmas Song

I really love their first song and also the hits of this single A Christmas Song, this lovely collaboration with the Legend musician Oda Kazumasa (Tokyo Love Story) makes the song sound beautiful, the PV (above) also made me remember my childhood with my little sister. I’m not good with word (but I recommended this single for Christmas :D) the rest of the single is Let it Snow and Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas

By the way, a little gift from me … from now on, I (maybe :p) will use this new theme from Automatic, I still like the previous one (it’s almost 3 years I think that I used Regulus as the theme), but I think this blog need something fresh (for the new year) 🙂

If you want the background as a wallpaper, you can have it 😀


and I’m sorry, seem like this month list will be a little late 😦


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