[Music In-View] Yanagi Nagi – Yukitoki


… been a while 😀 … I don’t have any reason (and I don’t want to make any) for now, just … I feel that “a bit lost” ˁ˚ᴥ˚ˀ
set aside, this season filled with so much good anime and their music (as well) ^.^ and … with all the good music/ost out there, the Yahari ore no seishun rabukome wa machigatteiru OP Theme has caught my eyes … or should I say, my ears. It’s not because the song is good (ah … don’t misunderstand, it is a good song indeed), because the singer also delight me ^.^/

Yukitoki is her fifth single (exclude the 2 songs for Key’s Visual Novel OST “Rewrite”) with her previous single “Zoetrope” that being used as the OP Theme for anime series “Amnesia” in total of two single in this 2013 so far. Released at April 17, 2013 this single features 6 songs, basically 3 songs with 3 instrumentals

1. Yuki Toki
2. Oto no nai Yume
3. Surrealisme
4. Yuki Toki (instrumental)
5. Oto no nai Yume (instrumental)
6. Surrealisme (instrumental)

After the departure from Supercell as guest vocalist, it seem like she began to rose little by little (hmm …should I said it little??), sang 2 song for Rewrite, even collaborate with the Key’s maestro Maeda Jun for producing the original concept album Owari no Hoshi no Love Song (and successfully came in 6 place of Oricon chart position) and release 5 single in only 2 years (2012-2013) … maybe I shouldn’t used that “little” ^.^


While Yukitoki is fit with the Theme for the anime (well, it’s a love drama slice of life anime we’re talking about … and I enjoy it :D), It was Yanagi’s melodious voice that bring the atmosphere of “ah … it really is a love drama anime” the first time I heard that song ^.^ even the second track is my fav as well

The third?? thought this is only my personal opinion (and personal “view”) the melancholic feel that the 1st and 2nd song didn’t reach the 3rd (that’s what I thought ^.^), but it’s all about a taste, a personal taste (that’s different each person :p) so no need to take it serious … aside of that, I must say this is a good single, I enjoy the anime so far and enjoy the music as well ^.^ … recommend this to your playlist if you look for some nice melodious song … or if you a fans of Yanagi Nagi 😀


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