[Music In-View] ChouCho – Sora to Kimi no Message


Following the yesterday Music In-View, another good single coming to my Playlist (and my recommend list :p). Another my fav singer, Choucho with her 7th and the latest single Sora to Kimi no Message. While the previous one “Dream Riser” (Girls und Panzer OP Theme) basically released in 2012, so this single is her first single that release in 2013 (May, 22 released under Lantis). The single only contains 2 songs and 2 off vocal instrumentals

01. Sora to Kimi no Message
02. Coocon
03. Sora to Kimi no Message (off vocal)
04. Coocon (off vocal)

Another good single after Dream riser (yes, dream riser is good indeed), with her lovely and lively voice that caught my heart … eh my ears, “Sora to Kimi no Message” is a peppy song, just like the tittle mean “A Sky and your Message”, (and from what I heard with my poor ear ^.^) it’s about the influences of the person that gives a courage to the one who sing this song who know that person well (hmm … at first I thought it really resemble the anime protagonist relationship between Red and Amy ^.^), not too much the beat and tempo, yet gives some enthusiasm, so does with the second song Coocon that bring the feeling about “a lively single” to me 😀


Aside of that my personal opinion about the single … it is a recommended single to be on the playlist ^.^ both the songs are good enough to make me played it often in my player 😀 (recommend for you too, especially who enjoy the series must be like this too :p)


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