[Music In-View] Eufonius – KoiTabi ~ True Tours Nanto


Everytime we hear Eufonius in the world of J-music, the things come in our mind is about a group of progressive pop which contain of 2 + 1 personnel, Riya as vocalist and the lyrics and Hajime Kikuchi as composer and the music instrumental (mostly keyboard/piano), plus 1 other member Masashi Okubo as a supporting member (though the main is the first two), and in this half of 2013, they release the music collection of the anime series Koi Tabi in May 24, 2013 under Lantis label. The contents is full of music instrumental with only 3 songs by Riya in total of 18 tracks …

  1. eufonius – sympathetic world (Vocal: Riya)
  2. 耀司と千晶のテーマ
  3. 客観的な目線で
  4. こぼれ出る本音
  5. 心に光があふれてくる
  6. eufonius – 君の引力 (Vocal: Riya)
  7. 晴喜と葵、若い二人
  8. 可愛い恋の始まり
  9. こんなはずじゃないんだけどな
  10. 自分の気持ちに正直に
  11. 晴喜の告白
  12. eufonius – Paslaptis (Vocal: Riya)
  13. 雄大な自然に包まれて
  14. 夏子の積極さ
  15. 大きな風景と二人
  16. 椿の花弁に寄せられた唇
  17.  縮まる心、近づく想い
  18. 真っ直ぐな想い

I didn’t watch the anime so I don’t know the details (it’s ended in April with 6 episodes), but from what it look (on the title itself) it seem that this is indeed a love story anime, though not much know about it because it’s not a TV series 😀 (even I never know such anime exist :P) … and … with all the melancholic tracks in this album (can I say this is an Album? can I? ^.^) the feeling of the romantic side of the anime is certain 😀


Lovely album 😀 I can’t found any word other than that. The feel of the music instrument and the song is what you always found at a romantic or love story anime series …

and because this is eufonius, it’s not impossible for them to create such a delicate music and tender songs ^.^
recommended for you ^.^/ .oO(why do I always recommending some mellow songs?? ^_^)


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