[Music In-View] marble – Mirai Scope


Another good album recommended for your playlist ^.^ It’s the duo Micco (Vocal, Lyrics) and Tatsuya Kukichi (Accoustic, Composer) in marble with their newest 4th album Mirai Scope that was released at May 22, 2013 by Lantis, it almost 3 year after the previous album Lingering Fizz (that already came to market in 2010 … and I miss that T_T). In total of 12 track, it also contains of 4 anime OST such as Hanasaku Iroha Character song fluffy (Wakura Yuina image song), Hidamari Sketch x SP ending theme nora, Hidamari Sketch x Honeycomb ending theme Yume Gumo, and Mashiro iro Symphony ending theme Suisai Candy, also one PC galge/VN OST from fairys game “Ima sugu onii-chan ni Imouto datte iitai” Mirai Silhouette


  1. Mirai Scope
  2. puzzle
  3. Zanzou Kiseki
  4. fluffy
  5. nora
  6. catchlight
  7. Mirai Silhouete
  8. smile ~the landscape through a “MIRAISCOPE”~
  9. Suisai Candy
  10. Yume Gumo
  11. Itsuka Akaeru Sora e
  12. Kaze ga Fuku

compare to the previous Music In-view … hmm, maybe I should called it “eufonius mini album”… and if I remember that (I said about) eufonius KoiTabi album is melancholic and delicate, so when I hear marble Mirai Scope (all the song, not only the first song mirai scope which is also the album title :D) if I can describe it in 2 words (just like koitabi album) then … maybe … I will say that this album is Calm and Sweet ^.^ more the tempo but still soft and not too mellow … easy to listen ^_^


In this past a week, I played this album much often ^.^ especially that Suisai Candy and Itsuka Akaeru Sora e, both are my fav (that almost played frequently xD) however, I love all the song in this album and definitely recommended (for you too) ^_^


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