[Galge News] Sneak peek what’s new in this period of month

While waiting for the release of this month new galge, let’s take a little peek of some upcoming galge from several developer that still on planned, well I won’t add all the galge developer here, but only several that I’m familiar with their work.

First, is the next project of Windmill, a yellow announcement came the first time we open their official site written “Next Project Open 06.21“. Not much information about the game itself except a notice from the staff that they will simultaneously open the game information in June 21, 2013. Curious? … same with me 😀 but from what it look (the chara silhouette), it appear this game is also using a magical theme just like the other Windmill game (it’s their speciality)

Following Windmill …


… is ensemble new project “Sakura Mau Otome no Rondo” and just like windmill, no further information except the title and the artwork staff that announced in the game’s banner … and … looking at the artist Kimishima Ao, there’s some assumption that this game is also another game of Trap game (just like ensemble – Kimishima Ao’s previous work Otome ga Tsumugu Koi no Canvas or Otomekoi for short) … well, the girl on the right just resemble the protagonist Miyami Mizuki/Shun (which is also the trap in otomekoi) :p basically, ensemble game is good (the last time I play ensemble game is damamuko, and that’s a good game I thought), bad thing is … they’re also trap specialist ^.^ so it’s not a recommendation for trap hater :p


… next is the 9th and the newest from Studio Ryokucha title “Minami Jyuujisei Renka” with the site finally open for public, detail of the game will revealed in Tech Gian July issue. Using the same staff as the previous 2010 best game rank (4th rank in sales according to getchu) “Koiiro soramoyou” the duo combination art – story; Rucie and Hisame Kouji, let’s hope this game is as good as … or maybe … better than Koiiro Soramoyou ^.^


… then the new title from ad:lib, that … I don’t know if this is a new game or a sequel of Aorio ^.^ … well the staff is the same as the previous staff in Aorio, and nothing other than the banner and a notice of this 3rd work that they will update the info later

… the rest is the latest game from chuable title Noblesse of Rouge  and Sugar-house new game that still mystery :p


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