[Galge News] Windmill’s HHG Ragnarox

Remember my previous post about Windmill’s new project? That will remain mystery until June 21?

Now the game site is finally open, and the game is revealed 😀 …but wait?? … it’s not a new (original) game or something like that, but a familiar title, that already released before in 2011 named Hyper Highspeed Genius. Then, this HHG series got it’s (some kind of) another story or so (a sequel maybe, I don’t know because I’ve never played this game before) with an additional title Megami no Shuen. Almost all of the previous character got replace with the new one, except the protagonist and the main heroine (well, some character still remain though). Planning to release in October 25, 2013, while HHG genius pack will release in July 26 (it’s basically a repack of the previous game with some bonuses)


So, the silhouette that I saw the first time I open their site, is actually not a chara for a new game but a new chara of this game ^_^


so the silhouette is her?


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