[Galge News] Sugar Pot 4th Game, and Alice…?

Ever heard of Sugar Pot? … Maybe if I said about Wizard Girl Ambitious will catch a little of it or maybe some of you will recall this girl


^.^ and yesterday, Sugar Pot announced that they’re currently working on a new project that will be release in 2014, and it would be their 4th game so far (5 if “sugar pot+” galge is counted, but because it’s a separated developer and a “nuki ge”, it’s not in sugar pot regular product, though is listed in sugar pot website). Currently, no other information except that pic banner (on the feature above) with 4 heroine (I assume they’re the heroine ^.^).
2 artist for this game artwork staff was announced will be their previous staff in “Tsukumonotsuki” (their last game in 2012) Tsukishima Yuuko and Naruse Mamoru. Yuuko-sensei is their artist in the last two game, also the artist in Little Busters – Kudo route adult novel from Key (well, this sensei is good at making a loli chara ^.^), while Naruse Mamoru is more famous in galge industry and light novel artwork, especially Mamoru-sensei’s work in 2 most well known galge series from Moonstone “Gift” and “Clear” (not mentioned the work in Pia Carot 4 and some light novel).

A few things that is unique from Sugar Pot are, they’re always release the game every 2 years, first found in 2008 their 1st release is Wizard Girl Ambitious (2008), the 2nd coming in 2010 while the 3rd (and their current latest game) is in 2012, that’s why the 4th will come in 2014 (and maybe the 5th will be in 2016 :p), the second is, they’re  also like to use some guest artist for every of their game, such as Ryohka (she’s famous as feng’s artist), Hinatamomo (well known in several galge, especially SMEE’s galge), Inagaki Miiko (Moonstone and Siesta), or Odawara Hakone (Applique-soft and several light novel) … most of it are big name, eh? 😀 … though in this 4th, I didn’t see other artist except both above.

Ah … speaking of which, it appear that Tsukishima Yuuko (who currently working for Sugar Pot 4th game) also on a job for a new game from a new galge developer, along with another famous artist Narumi Yuu (11 Eyes from Lass, and several Alcot game, this sensei also the guest artist in Windmill’s Iro ni Syutsu de ni Keri Waga Koi wa)


Title Alice Muppet ~Minarai Mahōtsukai to Goth Loli Ningyō Sanshimai~ is the first debut game for Ningyou Yugisha … though the game itself already announced in 2011 (O_o) but because no other update (and so), I don’t have any confidence for it ^.^ … too much loli chara in this game, and it seem the game focus and theme is goth loli, even the title says so -_- (well … lolicon will be happy ^_^;)


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