[Music In-View] Claris – Second Story

0001_Copy I still remember the first time I heard “irony”, the first single release from this duo. While watching oreimo, the opening take my interest and began to think “nice op” then searching through the internet and found out the singer name “claris”, not only that, it turn out that this duo in their first debut to the J-Pop and anime music industry with “irony”, is only a junior high school student … I mean 2 junior high students (now I think they’re already senior high) ^.^ using the “anon status” with initial Clara + Alice = Claris, they’ve success to release 7 singles and 2 albums so far … good result, considering they’re still high school students (even some of their single listed in top ten Oricon Monthly Singles and Albums last year) 😀

Talk about the album, at June 26 – 2013, SME (Sony Music Entertainment) as they’re current label record release their 2nd album “SECOND STORY”. It contains 12 song, with the 3 of it is the hits from 3 previous single; reunion (Ore no Imouto ga konna ni kawai wake ga nai 2nd OP song), Luminous (Puella Madoka Magica Movie OP song), and Wake Up (Moyashimon returns OP song), while the rest is newly recorded songs

The List are …

1. second story

2. ハルラ (harura)

3. Wake Up

4. rainy day


6. with you

7. ルミナス (luminous)

8. ダイアリー (diary)

9. eternally

10. ひとつだけ (hitotsu dake)

11. グラスプ (grasp)

12. reunion


release in three different form, the first is the regular release without bonus (only the album with cover above), second is with a different cover, using the 2 character illustration of Clara and Alice (in the feature pic above) with DVD Music video and specific illustration draw of Shoujo Madoka Magica and the third using the same cover as the regular with DVD Music video and Paper Toy “Graphig” (a pepakura) of Clara and Alice


How cute, I want one >.<

their music style still the same as the first debut, but their voice a bit more mature in this album. I consider this album is sweet (some of it had a little beat) ^.^ a bit bitter but more sweeter than the first album “BIRTHDAY” (album which is for celebrate their 1st birthday in music industry) yet, if I combine both of the album (in one playlist) they seem like one album split in 2, Second story just like the continuation of birthday … but that’s only my assumption after hearing both, though I didn’t really care about such detail, as long as it’s good in my ears, then I’ll like it (my fav is Hitotsu dake … I love that song, pure sweet ^-^)

Recommended for your playlist (both of the album ^^)


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