[Galge News] Melty Moment and Lovely Quest Unlimited

Confirmation of the staff for currently on working the 14th project of Hook-soft. They’re reveal the artwork and story staff on the game official site, also announced the title of the game will be “Melty Moment“. The art will be on Chiko service this time (and I hope this isn’t Chiko last game for Hook), while Matsushita Makako (remember Asahi in Honey Coming ^.^, Makako is her artist) isn’t present in this project but working as one of the staff in PriministAr (Chiko absent in that game). But Chiko isn’t alone, たかやki (Takayaki) — Hyoui * Don Champion manga artist — and Odawara Hakone (applique-soft) will also present in this game as the art staff. Story will be handled by 3 staff, Morii (that already working with Hook-soft since Fairly Life), Tokino Tsubaki (Lovely Quest), and Hiragi Haresora (SMEE’s Fureraba), while the other info still remain mystery ^.^


Another good news for PSP galge gamer is that Hook-soft, as mentioned in their site (a bit late for me, well because PSP isn’t my focus ^.^), announced that Lovely Quest will got PSP edition title “Lovely Quest Unlimited” and will be release in this year but still uncertain about the date, the site already open in June 29 also announced 1 new character “Yaotome Hatsune“, new CG and of course new route ^.^


well … that’s from Hook-soft 😀


2 thoughts on “[Galge News] Melty Moment and Lovely Quest Unlimited

  1. doesnt that indicate Sugirly Wish was a success? cause otherwise they wouldn’t move off to the next game immediately.

    that’s kind of mind-boggling. apparently people buy these

    • are you talking about PSP version of sugirly wish? … or Melty Moment?
      I don’t know about the PSP version of Sugirly Wish (about how well they’ve recieve), but as far as I know, the PC version sold very well, so with Lovely Quest (though not as best as Strawberry Nauts and Sakura Bitmap) … I assume they just want to boost some money a little with this title outside the PC edition 😀

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