[Galge News] Cube’s Your Diary got portable edition

While wandering around looking for something good, I accidentally come in to Cube’s room and found this ^.^ The second game from Cube that was release for PC in September 2011 (2 years ago) now got the PSP edition. With the same title Your Diaryalso confirm by Alchemist (the one which porting alcot’s game for PSP edition) that they’ll planning to release this game on Autumn this year. Official site for the PSP game already open 5 days ago with a very little information in it, though you can get the information of the game itself on their original PC galge site here.

About “what’s new?” or “what’s the different with the original PC edition?” is that in this portable edition, 2 additional/sub character in PC edition; Enomoto Kaho and Fujimura Natsuki got promoted to be heroine in PSP edition, with the additional (of course) new CG and new scenario for both of them


Fujimura Natsuki and Enomoto Kaho


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