[Music In-View] Mikako Komatsu – Owaranai Melody o Utai dashimashita


Maybe a bit late, but finally … the single that I’ve waiting all the day after watching Kami-sama no Inai Nichiyoubi, perform by this cutie Komatsu Mikako it’s an ending theme single of the anime series. With title Owaranai Melody o Utai dashimashita it was already released at July 24, 2013 by King Records in two form, Limited Edition and Regular Edition, this single would be the 3rd single so far for Komatsu Mikako, after her first album release in February (Thee Futures) this would also be her first single in 2013.

The Limited Edition contain a different second track with the regular (not to mention the bonuses include in Limited Edition)

1. Owaranai Melody o Utaidashimashita


3. Owaranai Melody o Utaidashimashita (instrument)

4. LISTEN!! (instrument)

While the Regular Edition 2nd Track is – ABC Owaranai Samba o Kizami Hajimemashita, a beat type music with some Samba style. The bonus includes a DVD music video and some illustration of the anime series (the regular edition didn’t have the bonus though).IMG0003I like this single (and her as well ^.^ , she’s cute, isn’t she?) well, maybe because I also like the anime show …. (ahh … I don’t know what to say anymore >_<). It’s a good single I think, and good for your playlist too 😀


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