[Galge News] New peek around this week

Well … before the list of August coming out, I think we could take a little peek of some title that currently listed as upcoming galge for later time (TBA), Around this week (and some week ago :D) there’re some announcement for new upcoming galge that currently on work by some developer, though most of them are new developer … and almost all of them still in status of TBA (to be announced).

The first upcoming galge come from Hulotte, the one who made With Ribbon in 2011 (that galge is moe indeed :3), which already open the teaser site without any information (even the title) posted. Apparently the official site will be open in the end of August (well, just wait :D)


Another new upcoming which is also a teaser without an official site opened are Favorite’s newest and their 6th (currently on working) title called AstralAir or possibility the full title will be Astral Air no Shiroki Eien, scenario will be back to the writer of Hoshisora no Memoria (Favorite previous series, because in this current series (irotori) the writer is Urushibara Setsujin) with help from Hozumi Kei (the one which also help the scenario of Paretto’s Mashiro Iro Symphony and Windmill’s Happiness!), the artwork still lead by Shida Kazuhiro (sorry if I wrong, spelling the name), about the release date, seem like it will be in winter …. hmm maybe this year


The next upcoming galge that’s still a teaser is Sora Hane 3rd project, with … no title for now ^.^ .Lead by Akitsuki Tsukasa as the artwork leader, while the scenario is Pochi-kun, Official site will be open later, while the other info of the teaser just open the site on the pic above


More also coming with their 2nd and newest galge, title Ayame no Machi to Ohime-sama without other information (even their staff), this title will be revealed in Push magazine (August 21 edition), after their debut with Shukusai no Utahime in March, they’re planning to release this title in this year summer


The last for today’s update is Eufonie’s new title which is also a fandisc of their previous Koiken Otome which was release in 2012, and Lump of Sugar’s new title … well, still haven’t a title yet, for now …



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