[Galge List] for August (2013)

Uh … I almost forgot about today’s list >.<

In August we’ve got a plenty of galge with almost all the release are nuki-ge (but I won’t listed that type of galge ^.^). Hook-soft’s Priministar, Minato Carnival’s Tsujido-san no Virgin Road, and Cinematograph’s Innocent Bullet would be a good choice for this month, while, of course … we can’t cast aside the rest of the list. Some of the title release in August 23 (today), while the rest of the list will coming in 30

[Cinematograph] Innocent Bullet –  the false world –

CINEMATOGRAPH『イノセントバレット-the false world-』8.23 ONSALE

Release Date: August 23

[Praline-Game] Duelist x Engage

Release Date: August 23

[Hook-Soft] Priministar


Release Date: August 30

[SCORE] Girls be Ambitious!


Release Date: August 30

[Minato-Carnival] Tsujido-san no Virgin Road


Release Date: August 30

(Marmalade)  Hoshi no Oto Sanctuary


Release Date: August 30

Marmalade game is a delayed galge that should be released in June (Cinematograph’s Innocent bullet is also a delayed game), the other delayed galge is Nitro+ Kimi to Kanojo to Kanojo No Koi that also (just like Marmalade’s) was suppose to released in June. An omake for this month list is Propeller’s game (that’s also a delayed game) Negai no Kakera to Shirogane no Keiyakusha.

Cinematograph’s Innocent Bullet would be a top list for this month galge (should be :p), but … if you ask me about this month releases, (maybe) I will recommend you to wait the next month list release :p


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