[Galge List] for September 2013

Oops … It’s already near the end of September O_o

September means the start of autumn (in some country, though not in my country ^.^) but for galge player, September means another thrilling month with 2 most anticipated title has finally come >_<. GIGA’s Baldr Sky Zero and Age’s Muv Luv Alternative Chronicle 04, the two big franchise (Baldr series and MuvLuv series) with so many title and spin off released, following the success of both of their original series ^_^;

Yet, this month list isn’t about that 2 franchise above. Enlivened by those two, September also had a plenty of good title coming to the list, from some well known developer such as Chuable, MoonStone, Saga Planets, and Rosebleu, though maybe the focus of almost all galge fans would be on those 2 😀 …

well, lets see what’s inside of September …

ah, btw all of the galge on this list are released on September 27, 2013

[GIGA] Baldr Sky Zero


[Age-Soft] Muv Luv Alternative Chronicle 04


[FLAT] Rebelion’s Secret Game 2nd Stage BOOSTED EDITION


[effordomsoft crown] Yume ka Utsutsu ka Matryoshka


[SAGA PLANETS] Karumaruka Sakuru


[Nephrite] Natsu no Osananajimi to Fuyu no Kanojo

w‰Ä‚Ì—c“éõ‚ƁA“~‚̃JƒmƒWƒ‡x ŒõEƒVƒ…ƒ”ƒ@ƒ‹ƒcƒJƒbƒcƒF

[Rosebleu] 1-Ban Janakya damede suka~tsu?


[SEVEN WONDER] Himegoto Union ~We are in springtime of life! ~

ひめごとユニオン ~We are in the springtime of life!~

[Macaron Soft] Imouto Spiral


[Peassoft] Koi × Koi = (Infinity) ~ Koisuruotome ni Dekiru Koto ~


[MOONSTONE] Magical Marriage Lunatics!!


[Chuable] – Noblesse of Rouge –

plus 1 Fandisc from [August Soft] Dai toshokan no hitsujikai ~ hōkago shippo deizu ~


aww … this list suppose to posted 2 days ago, but oh well …. ^_^ (too much playing with graphig xD)

well, 2 top with 2 franchise for hardcore GIGA and Age fans 😀 but I have a little interest with effordom’s galge which has a good art (in my opinion), FLAT game also good for the one who look for something “heavy” though that game (seems like) is a continuation from the previous Secret Game CODE: Revise so, play the previous first in order to get the story in this new game xD … the rest is also good choice to play, but be warned for chuable game, because it’s a Trap game … don’t be deceived from that smile on the banner xD (the haters will hate it :p)


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