[Galge List] for October (2013)

Maybe this is the shortest list (that I’ve ever list so far). October playlist of galge contain only 3 title that (based on my “observation” so far :p) worth to play, compared to the merrier we’ve got last month (and so), this month is shortage. Well, it’s true that those 3 are big name in galge industry. Anyway, let’s take a little peek about that 3 game before you decide to play it 😀 …

All of the game in this list released at October 25, 2013 and only for players above 18 years old (so becareful :D)


feng’s Chisana Kanojo no Sayokyoku, maybe is the most curious one (for some fans) as the game itself come with so many delay in the past (the first announcement for the game itself already 1 year old :D). It’s center around a little town several away from Tokyo which always held some unique festival called “Ningyou Matsuri” (Mermaid Festival), well to be precise it’s about a Tea House where the protagonist live is now have a mysterious girl which he had helped earlier (he coincidentally help her from falling to the sea), and how his life now began to change slowly. As already known, Ryohka-sensei isn’t particiated in this project T_T (even she isn’t on the list for the feng newest/8th project) though Asaba Yu and Herurun isn’t bad either, but somehow, I (as a fan of her work along with Izumi Tsubasu-sensei at feng) feel a bit odd (let’s hope she didn’t go just like Tsubasu-sensei)

Whirlpool’s 15th and the newest Uso-tsuki Ouji to Nayameru Ohime-sama is the next one that’s … hmm, maybe a worth game to play for their fans 😀 Using the common theme about “High class girls” and “Princess”, Whirlpool also add some unique taste on the story, about some unique disease that happen a while ago, called “Princess Syndrome” a multiple personality disorder disease that influence only the girls (while I dunno, what kind of disorder is that), it appear that the protagonist (again) had the ability that can help the girls from that disease (eh?? sorry if I’m wrong -_-) … well sort of 😀 … (the rest you can play the game itself)


PULLTOP’s Kokoro @ Function! is the last game of this month title that would be a good choice for October. A bit different from 2 above, Kokoro @ function (if I should say) is more “advanced” in terms of time setting. Using some sci-fi things, the story is about a multi-function communication card called “Orca” with so many usefull features inside (well, just like a smartphone but it’s a card), and one day, the system got some strange update of application called “Heart Function” that (if I’m not mistaken) can hear peoples heart … the person that have that application can leak out some of their thought outside (leak out some of your thinking inside out O_o) and that would be an annoying app for the protagonist, because he must be careful of some prevert thought coming out xD … what happen next, you can play the game if you curious about that 🙂

and maybe this is the first time the list turn out like this :D, though a bit late, but I hope this list give you a little help of choosing the galge you want to play ^.^


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