[Galge News] around January

Happy New Year …. though  its already that late ^.^ While I’m away (from the Internet for a while) it seem some interesting things coming up around December to January, the big one that made me excited is the Key project on bringing Angel Beats to the world of Visual Novel … well, this rumor is already come out long enough … still, it made me more excited after the official site announced at Dec 27, 2013 (3 days after my last Dec update list post, and my vacation time ^.^)


There’s no update till now (not yet), even the character list introduction only 3; Yui, Iwasawa, and Matsushita (Even the main protagonist Otonashi, also the 2 main heroine Yuri and Kanade is yet to show up). I’m still curious about the meaning of that “1st Beat”, and seems like the story will take a little different pace with the story in the Anime version (I hope so, cause it will be more interesting that way :p). Itaru Hinoue-sensei won’t participated in this project, and Na-Ga will take all the responsibility for the artwork 😀


Lass also coming up with their newest title Mayoeru futari to sekai no subete and also their 6th project so far, seems like the official site already update with some new stuff (after the last time I visit their web it still coming soon notice), also, they’re using new writer for the scenario of this game (debut). Release date approximately on May 23. Following the Lass project is Nekonekosoft new stuff for their 15th Anniversary


The title is …. well still untitled, and planning to release at October (though that’s not the final release date). The following information will be coming soon (hope so :p )


The next is coming from White Soft, following their previous Gangsta Republica (which was released July last year), their coming with the 7th project title Gangsta Alcadia … A sequel? more like a fandisc to me? ^.^ well, just take a peek at their official web for sure 😀

Ah …. one more thing, if you like Windmill galge then we’ve got a good news ( … or maybe a bad news xD) that Happiness will coming soon this year with new title “Emotion” (えも ーしょん). The combination of Happiness and Happiness Relax with some new stuff (including new CG and graphic resolution) … well, this “Emotion” took a little of my interest (a new experiences with new res … sounds legit) but do we had to play the same game we’ve already finished long ago, just because the graphic are better than the old one 😕

it’s up to you to decide ^.^ … the rest for the information about Emotion are here ^v^



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