[Galge List] of April (2014)

I have return 😀 with a list for this month. had been busy lately with some work and vocaloid …. xD got addicted to that (and their project diva) which made me leave galge world for a while 😦 (I’m sorry for that and my pardon for 3 month missing list ._. … well this supposed to be march list but I’m move to April :3)

Anyway, here’s the list for April’s release that is worth to play (based on my observation :p ) and I will try my best not to slack off again 😦

but … I didn’t see any title that catch my interest in this list 🙂

All of the game are released in the same date April, 25 and rated for ages Over 18 … so, be careful when you enter the link (I’m warning you :3)

 [Navel-honeybell] Soratobu Hitsuji to Manatsu no Hana

2014年4月25日発売予定のNavel honeybellデビュー作『空飛ぶ羊と真夏の花』を応援しています!

[Moonstone] Love Sweets

Love Sweets -ラブ スイーツ- 応援中!

[AXL] Racial Merge

AXL新作第10弾「レーシャル・マージ」 2014年4月25日発売予定!

[SMILE] Natsu Koi High Pressure


[Pajamas-soft] Love Love Life


there are also Akatsukiworks Hello Lady! and Alicesoft Rance IX this month … well maybe I should wait for next month list (for something interesting) :3


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