[Galge List] of May (2014)

Back to listing some galge again, but I’m barely playing some (blamed this summer anime season for that, too much good series that is a pity to missed) 😀

Anyway this month will be great …

… or so I want to shout at first, after I got the fact that muv luv Total Eclipse are cancelled for this month and move to July 😦 the other are still on the track such as Ensemble’s Golden Marriage, the debut Majo Koi Niki from Qoobrand, and Sorahane’s 3rd Haruka Kanata (somehow, this game remind me of Yosuga no Sora, for it’s similar heroine and the protagonist :D) along with Happiness Emotion from windmill, the porting of old PS2 120 En no Haru from nekonekosoft and the new but old Cube game Your Diary+H … yes, it’s an old game that got PSP version last year, and it seem this version is based on the PSP version with the addition of some new scenario and stuff (you know what I mean about H, right? :D) while ID’s Love Relation got delay to next month.

not much of the choice for this month, but it’s also a good thing for your wallet (and your space :D) … and just as usual, be careful with the link :p (18+ only)

All of the game are released at May 30, 2014

[Ensemble] Golden Marriage


[Qoobrand] Majo Koi Niki


[Cube] Your Diary +H

【your diary+H】

 [SORAHANE] Haruka Kanata

SORAHANE-ソラハネ- 第3作「はるかかなた」情報公開中!

 [Clochette] Sakigake = Generation



There’ s also a game from Nostalgic Chord title Houkago no Fu Tekikaku sha (eh!? :o), seem like the developer somehow had a connection with fairy (developer who made Koi Choco), the artwork is good, but because I can’t enter the site (forbidden for outside Japan :D) only got the sample from getchu



well, that’s it for today … somehow I got the feeling that galge got more and more less every month :-/

oh … btw I’m not sure Sorahane game will out today, even though I’ve added it on this list 😀


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