Navel’s Tsukiyori sequel has been confirmed

Yep, the second season … haha I mean the sequel of the previous series Tsuki ni yorisou Otome no Sahou (and the spin off Ecole de Paris) has been confirmed by Navel yesterday (well … this 2nd also a part of the celebration of the 10 anniversary). Announced for the first time at Dengeki Hime, site open yesterday with lots of info and some campaign, though I’m too lazy to read all of the info 😀 (maybe I should waiting the trial version come out first) I don’t know about the protagonist or the heroine …

But from the surename that the main protagonist has (Sakurakouji Seika) seem like she/he are related to Luna , maybe Luna’s sibling? … or her son with Asahi? 😮 (didn’t finish Luna’s route on the previous game … maybe I should continue to end that game :-/ ) though the fun thing of this character is also using the alias Kokura Asahi that the previous protagonist used before.

I will update the info later … well, if you already played or finished the previous one, I think this one is what you need to know what happen after that (ah … but navel confirm that the previous character didn’t take a part or didn’t appear in this sequel 🙂 )

status release …. seem like around 2014 though the possibility that the game will be delayed to 2015 is also high 😀



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