[Music In-View] Claris – Party Time

It’s only 2 month after the last single “STEP” released in April which is basically a single for the Anime series Nisekoi that also airing around that season (If I’m not mistaken, Nisekoi is on the spring anime season category, while today season for anime are categorized as summer), now this lovely duo came with their newest and 3rd album so far 😀

The 3rd is called Party Time … yeah let’s party 😀 … while this should be release in April 4, 2014 but the Limited Edition (with DVD) already “launched” yesterday (or maybe 2 days ago, even in amazon.jp are available for purchase 🙂 ) though the regular edition and 1 special edition will be release tomorrow (pre order already open though :p). The regular still contains only their 12 track without any bonuses, while the limited will be with 1 DVD contains of PV for “colorful” (Madoka Magica Movie), “CLICK” and “STEP” (Nisekoi OP theme) and some “stuff” 😀

eh … did I mention special edition? :-/
😀 … well, I did called it special edition, though it’s originally a Limited edition with a pair of cute bonuses >_<



ahh …. too cute >.<

dnm!! I want that too T_T (it’s even a better bonus than the second album).

Anyway, about the tracklist … here it is 😀

01. Drawing
03. Nemuri Hime
04. Time
06. Koinomi
07. STEP
08. Dry Flower
09. Topaz
10. Kakurenbo
11. colorful
12. Orange

As I said before, 2 tracks are from Nisekoi anime series (the OP theme for that anime) well, STEP is already released in their last single but CLICK aren’t (it’s the first time this track coming to public), the thing that made this two interesting are both of the song is arranged by kz (remember ‘livetune’ … the one that famous for his collaboration with Miku Hatsune). 1 track are from Madoka Magica Movie theme song “colorful” that was released several month ago as a single.


The SECOND STORY I consider it as sweet album, how about this album :-/ it’s sweet … but for me more like it’s fun 😀 some of it has it’s cheerful feeling and a bit playful 😀 though that’s (of course) only my assumption as a mere listeners … hehe 😀

this album is a “must get” you know 😀 and I mean it (especially those cute petit bonuses) xD



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