[Music In-View] Yanagi Nagi – Tokohana

Another good single released yesterday after the 3rd Claris album that’s also out yesterday, yanagi nagi coming with her newest single Tokohana. It’s basically an ending for the ‘currently aired’ anime series Black Bullet (while the OP theme already out last month) and would be her (if I’m not mistaken :-/ ) 12th single so far (exclude her work in collaboration with other singer) 😀

Contains of 6 track with half of it are instrumental, as I said before the first track is used for the Black Bullet ending theme which is also used as the single title, while the rest are new songs. The single out with 2 different edition, the regular and the limited edition which include a DVD video (music video) as a bonus.


01. Tokohana

02. Wasurenai Tame ni

03. Crossroad

04. Tokohana (instrumental)

05. Wasurenai Tame ni (instrumental)

06. Crossroad (instrumental)


the first 2 songs lyrics done by yanagi nagi herself, but the 3rd are different … at first I hear Crossroad, I thought the music are somewhat familiar … well, the music from Irish folk song “Londonderry Air” with different version of lyrics written by Makoto Shinkai … eh, what?! …. :O you mean that famous Makoto Shinkai for his extraordinary work in some great anime (ef series and 5cm per second movie for example 😀 ) … after that I found out that Crossroad indeed are his work before (an anime commercial) and this “Crossroad” is indeed the theme song for that “Crossroad” 😀

coming to Playlist … indeed 😀


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