Alice graduate from Claris

Today as usual, I’m wandering looking for something interesting (about galge and some music stuff) and accidentally found out a big news (for me as their fans :O it’s a bit late though, still … it’s shocking me! O_o) that Alice will be graduate from Claris (graduate … yes I prefer graduate rather than leave … it’s also what she said in her message 😦 ) Sony Music Entertainment as their label records already confirm that in May 26 (wow, I didn’t notice that … why didn’t I found it sooner -_- )  and the 3rd album Party Time would be Alice’s last album as a member of Claris T_T . It appear that Alice would want to concentrate on her study first as what she said in her message to the fans in Claris official site alice with the translation got from Tokyo Otaku Mode, here is Alice message in English said: “I, Alice, with the release of our third album Party Time, announce that I am graduating from Claris to focus on my studies. It’s been three and a half years since our debut, and thanks to the efforts of all our fans, all the staff, and everyone else involved, I was able to experience a dream world filled with happiness. This is a wonderful treasure I will keep with me throughout my life. Thank you very much for supporting me for so long.” yes it’s been 3 and half years that I also hear and follow you and Clara in Claris 😦 I still remember clearly my first post about Claris debut in irony though I barely post about Claris on my blog, but I always listen and follow their song T_T … It’s bitter, I know … every of her fans is also thinking why she graduate, after the 3rd album … after going so far 😦 but it’s her decision … surely it’s bitter (even for her) but I think she’s already thinking carefully what’s best for her, and as a mere fans, I will support if it’s for her best 😦 still, I’m curious what will happen with Clara … is she will still be using Claris name?, or just Clara and doing a solo? :-/ I’m look forward what will happen after Alice graduate and for Alice … good luck with your study 🙂 hope to hear your voice again someday 😀 (from one of your “oversea fans”) 勉強, 頑張ってください ^.^/


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