Harmonia – Key’s 15th anniversary is confirmed

Been a while, 😀 haha I know … also happy fool days (well, it’s already late xD) speak about April fools, there’s an announcement in April 1 from key that they’re currently working on a new project for their 15th anniversary called Harmonia. at first, I thought this is some kind of joke that every developer do for April, but based on their previous announcement for Angel Beats, and the year before (Rewrite), I began to think that this is real, though I need to wait till the next day to make sure that this is real (well, is indeed real xD)

Announced the official site with only a PV and OST information, Itaru Hinoue still the lead designer (while Na Ga currently on work with the new Key-PA.Works anime project, and won’t be in this project) with planning by Sakikage, the story is (based on the PV from the site, sorry if it’s a poor interpret by me from that PV, I’m still learning Jap :D) about a machine young boy who happen to wake in a world he didn’t know, he walking in that world till he met a singing girl and began to live there. Other information such as the character (aside of the boy and the singing girl and a little girl with teddy in the end of the PV) are still need to wait 😀


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