[Galge News] around January

Happy New Year …. though  its already that late ^.^ While I’m away (from the Internet for a while) it seem some interesting things coming up around December to January, the big one that made me excited is the Key project on bringing Angel Beats to the world of Visual Novel … well, this rumor is already come out long enough … still, it made me more excited after the official site announced at Dec 27, 2013 (3 days after my last Dec update list post, and my vacation time ^.^)


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[Galge List] for December (2013)

been a while >.<

First of all, Merry Christmas (for all of you who celebrate it ^.^) while the Christmas still tomorrow … (ah but today is Christmas eve) we’ve got a plenty of good galge on the list for your Christmas present (hehe ^_^), but I accidentally skipped the November list (for some reason) and I’m sorry about that ;_;

Today’s list will be the last for 2013 and will end with the most (my most) waited galge of all time 😀 …
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[Galge List] for October (2013)

Maybe this is the shortest list (that I’ve ever list so far). October playlist of galge contain only 3 title that (based on my “observation” so far :p) worth to play, compared to the merrier we’ve got last month (and so), this month is shortage. Well, it’s true that those 3 are big name in galge industry. Anyway, let’s take a little peek about that 3 game before you decide to play it 😀 …

All of the game in this list released at October 25, 2013 and only for players above 18 years old (so becareful :D)
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[Galge List] for September 2013

Oops … It’s already near the end of September O_o

September means the start of autumn (in some country, though not in my country ^.^) but for galge player, September means another thrilling month with 2 most anticipated title has finally come >_<. GIGA’s Baldr Sky Zero and Age’s Muv Luv Alternative Chronicle 04, the two big franchise (Baldr series and MuvLuv series) with so many title and spin off released, following the success of both of their original series ^_^;

Yet, this month list isn’t about that 2 franchise above. Enlivened by those two, September also had a plenty of good title coming to the list, from some well known developer such as Chuable, MoonStone, Saga Planets, and Rosebleu, though maybe the focus of almost all galge fans would be on those 2 😀 …

well, lets see what’s inside of September …
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[Galge List] for August (2013)

Uh … I almost forgot about today’s list >.<

In August we’ve got a plenty of galge with almost all the release are nuki-ge (but I won’t listed that type of galge ^.^). Hook-soft’s Priministar, Minato Carnival’s Tsujido-san no Virgin Road, and Cinematograph’s Innocent Bullet would be a good choice for this month, while, of course … we can’t cast aside the rest of the list. Some of the title release in August 23 (today), while the rest of the list will coming in 30

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[Galge News] New peek around this week

Well … before the list of August coming out, I think we could take a little peek of some title that currently listed as upcoming galge for later time (TBA), Around this week (and some week ago :D) there’re some announcement for new upcoming galge that currently on work by some developer, though most of them are new developer … and almost all of them still in status of TBA (to be announced).

The first upcoming galge come from Hulotte, the one who made With Ribbon in 2011 (that galge is moe indeed :3), which already open the teaser site without any information (even the title) posted. Apparently the official site will be open in the end of August (well, just wait :D)

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[Music In-View] Mikako Komatsu – Owaranai Melody o Utai dashimashita


Maybe a bit late, but finally … the single that I’ve waiting all the day after watching Kami-sama no Inai Nichiyoubi, perform by this cutie Komatsu Mikako it’s an ending theme single of the anime series. With title Owaranai Melody o Utai dashimashita it was already released at July 24, 2013 by King Records in two form, Limited Edition and Regular Edition, this single would be the 3rd single so far for Komatsu Mikako, after her first album release in February (Thee Futures) this would also be her first single in 2013.

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[Galge News] Alcot Honeycomb newest galge

In July 20, AlcotHC open the official site of their “currently on work” and newest galge with title Aka-san to KyuketsukiPlanning to release in November 29 this year, currently they’re add the character info and their cast on the official site.

Well, the thing that catch my curiosity is the theme, somehow … a bit … similar with a series of manga (that already turn into anime some ago) called Beelzebub :-/ , about the shujinko who met a mysterious baby and then his life change because of that fate … hmm I don’t know about the Vampire (on the title) … well my assumption is the baby and one of the heroine (the main heroine) is the Vampire/had the blood of Vampire. Anyway, this game would be interesting, especially for Alcot fans ^_^

[Galge List] for July (2013)

Hmm … where should I start? :-/
This month upcoming galge isn’t as “wow good” as the previous month … even for me, only 3 title that catch my interest (+ 2 delayed game from previous month) while the rest are “so-so” I think :D. Two big name coming with their newest title for this month release, Yuzu Soft with their Amairo Islenauts, and then Navel with the continuation of the previous Tsuki ni Yorisou Otome no Sahou called Ecole de Paris, the 3rd is Softpal-Hearts galge Koisaku Miyako ni Ai no Yakusoku o ~Annaffiare~ + 2 delayed game that supposed to release in June now coming to July, (P.W.) Ore to Kanojo ga Mistery-na Ken ni tsuite and (WHITESOFT) Gangsta Republica

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[Galge News] Cube’s Your Diary got portable edition

While wandering around looking for something good, I accidentally come in to Cube’s room and found this ^.^ The second game from Cube that was release for PC in September 2011 (2 years ago) now got the PSP edition. With the same title Your Diaryalso confirm by Alchemist (the one which porting alcot’s game for PSP edition) that they’ll planning to release this game on Autumn this year. Official site for the PSP game already open 5 days ago with a very little information in it, though you can get the information of the game itself on their original PC galge site here.

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