[Anime News] Little Buster PV and Official Site open

Open in sunday and confirm at ANN, Little Busters anime get near their debut on television. The official site (click the pic above) open with a promotional video which is possibly an opening video for the anime series that … planned to release at this fall 😕

New cast added according to ANN for Rikki Naoe and Sasami Sasasegawa are Horie Yui for Rikki and Sora Tokui for Sasami … (hmm … Hocchan as Rikki, I wonder if she will act like when she cast Mizuho in Otome wa Boku ni Koishiteiru :-?) while other cast is still the same as in the galge series 😀 and seem like there is a character that isn’t participate in this anime 😦

about the PV itself … is it my eyes or it’s true that the animation in PV is a bit (I won’t say it bad … ups, I said it) “not good enough” for an anime that is from Key’s :O even though the opening PV is similar with the galge opening … oh well, I just hope JC Staff really (really) didn’t ruin this anime in their TV debut :<

btw, here is the op (also available in the official site)


[Anime News] Working! 2nd Season

~ Pray for Japan ~

aside of the disaster of Japan ;_; … one of my fav series now got the second season ^o^/

just like the announcement on their official site Wagnaria (also on ANN and the PV at wagnaria site too), that, Working will be continue to second season. I already waiting for this to be true, at first I thought this would be one of their April fool (after checking it yesterday at wagnaria and found all the chara are different xDD) but today they announce that this isn’t a mop ^.^/

the PV already on their site, and it seem some new chara will appear in 2nd show 😕 I really looking forward to this xD

Yukari Tamura – Oshiete A to Z

Opening and Ending single from B Gata H Kei series (anime) 😀 title Oshiete A to Z and performed by Tamura Yukari, release at April 28, 2010 by King Record

Here’s the tracklist

01. Oshiete A to Z

02. Hadashi no Princess

03. Namida no Loop

well … this single a bit cute (I think xD) not bad for a collection :3 instead, if you like Tamura Yukari’s cute voice, then you must get this xD

thx to LonE for this cute single :3

1. Oshiete A to Z
2. Hadashi no Princess
3. Namida no Loop

Girls Dead Monster – Crow Song (Angel Beats! Insert Song)

Angel Beats! insert song, turn to be a single xD, Crow Song and performed by Girls Dead Monster, a band that working under SSS 😀 in Angel Beats! anime, consisting of 4 member (Iwasawa, Hisako, Irie, Sekine) + 1 assistant (Yui)

Release at April 23, 2010 by key sound label, all vocal and chorus by marina while Jun Maeda write and compose all the song


01. Crow Song

02. Alchemy

03. My Song

Various Artist – Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu Character Song Mini Album

It’s late … oh well … Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu Character Song Mini Album, and was released at February 24, 2010 by Lantis. This mini album contain of 6 songs with each song performed by each main character at Class F (in anime series of baka to test) or should I said, each seiyuus of the character :D.

But … Only Class F … where’s Shouko ;_;


01. F ha Muteki na Aikotoba – Yoshii Akihisa (Shimono Hiro)

02. Koi no Scrambled Egg – Himeji Mizuki (Harada Hitomi)

03. Tsudere Michi – Shimada Minami (Mizuhashi Kaori)

04. KAIDAN Sakamoto Yuuji (Suzuki Tatsuhisa)

05. Mutsurini to Kikanjuu Tsuchiya Kouta (Miyata Kouki)

06. Sakura Chiru Sakura Saku Kinoshita Hideyoshi (Katou Emiri)

carefull dude, there’s Hideyoshi here (lol xD)

I thanks to LonE again for this album 🙂

[Galge News] Windmill’s New Projects

first is their new game title Iro ni Syutsu de ni keri Waga Koi wa (sorry if i’m wrong spelling it ^^) Planning on release at April 29, 2010 (preview about the game I will posted later ^_^)

and the other one is … (well … a bit late maybe ^^a)  another of their game (after Happiness) that had been released before, La Campanella della Benedizione will be animated (TV anime adaptation) and AIC will take the production

official website for the anime adaption already open at the pic bellow, also the cast of the seiyuus xD and of course, some of famous seiyuu such as Kadowaki Mai (as Minette), Goto Mai (as Ritosu) and Mizuhashi Kaori (as Agnes) will be participated (and already on the cast list at their anime official site bellow)

on planning vintage at July, 2010

ah … before I forgot, they (Windmill) also announced about La Campanella Della Benedizione Fan Disc (confirmed and planning on 2010, but the info still vague :D) well … just take a peek at their official site here

Sora no Manimani Original Soundtrack

01Sora no Manimani original soundtrack. This new album contain only the BGM (background music) of the anime TV series and was released at October 07, 2009. Although there’s a name of CooRie written on the cover but she isn’t singing this time, instead of she was composing, arranging and producing all the music along with Ookubo Kaoru (one of CooRie’s great point xD)

Index (there’s 40 of them)

01. Hoshi no Shizuku -Sound track version-
02. Subarashiki Unmei no Hibiki
03. Mahiru no Hoshi
04. Totsugeki Xylophone
05. Fumin Kyousoukyoku
06. Nichijou no Shirabe
07. Hikari no Asa -Sound track version-
08. Shinkokyuu wo Suru You ni
09. Ticktack Kakurenbo
10. Mienai Fuan
11. Picopico BOSSA
12. Seishun Monologue
13. Western ni Omoi wo Hasete
14. Tenmonbu no Theme
15. Kimi no Egao, Boku no Omoi, Hirogaru Chuu he
16. Otokogi Blues
17. Otenba Mullet
18. Honwaka Nichijou
19. Omoide Planetarium -Sound track version-
20. Hajimari ha Egao de
21. Hazumu Omoi
22. Dotabata Nichijou
23. Funwari Etude
24. Dear Friends
25. Pizzicato ni Koishiteru
26. GIRLY Humming
28. Shougeki no Suspense
29. Kirameki Harmonics -Sound track version-
30. Samba de Summer
32. Miwaku no Jikan
33. Comical Skip
34. Awaku Iroduku You ni
35. Otome Koi ha Shinanchuu
36. Okiraku Mullet
37. Setsunasa no Kyoumei
38. Kanadeau Monogatari
39. Manten no Sekai
40. Mihoshi kara no Oshirase

04nice album 😀 if you like the BGM of Sora no Manimani, then you will like this album xD (thanks for LonE)

my fav music are Omoide Planetarium -Sound track version- and Manten no Sekai xD

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[Anime Preview] Nyan Koi!


new TV series anime based from manga by Sato Fujiwara will broadcast at Oct 01 this year titled Nyan Koi! (にゃんこい!)

Genre: Comedy, Romance

Total Episode: 12 (approximately 20 min each episode)

a little about the story, this series is about a young boy named Kousaka Junpei, a second year high school student who had a crush with a high scool girl Mizuno Kaede. Unfortunately Kaede is a cats lover while he dislike and have an allergy with cats.

One day, while walking home from school, Junpei kicks an empty can and unfortunately beans the local neko-jizō-sama (guardian deity of cats).

He finds that he can now understand what cats are saying, including his family’s own ill-tempered cat, Nyamusasu. However, if he does not grant 100 wishes from cats, he will turn into cat himself.

AIC (company that made Candy Boy and GA : Geijutsuka Art Design Class ) will take the animation production, with Green take the background.

Keiichiro Kawaguchi (Hayate no Gotoku) will be the director while Kazuaki Morita (Seto no Hanayome) will take the character design

official site from TBS already announced the list of seiyuu but only 6 character

(well … this list from ANN)

Shintaro Asanuma as Junpei Kōsaka

Yuka Iguchi as Kaede Mizuno

Atsuko Tanaka as Nyamsas

Haruka Tomatsu as Kotone/Akari Kirishima

Jun Fukuyama as Tama

Rina Satou as Chizuru Mochizuki

Ryoko Shiraishi as Kanako Sumiyoshi

Yu Kobayashi as Nagisa Ichinose

Yui Sakakibara as Kumaneko

OP song will be performed by Sakakibara “Yui-nyan” Yui titled Nyanderful! (にゃんだふる!)

while the ending Strawberry ~Amaku Setsunai Namida~ (Strawberry~甘く切ない涙~) will be performed by Asami Imai

first broadcast will be TBS at October 01. the second and the third will be MBS at October 08, and Chubu-Nippon Broadcasting at October 15 and the last is BS-i at October 31

Official Site at TBS

Nyan Koi at ANN

this will be a worth to watch series xD (to think that Fukuyama Jun will be a cat this time xD)