Alice graduate from Claris

Today as usual, I’m wandering looking for something interesting (about galge and some music stuff) and accidentally found out a big news (for me as their fans :O it’s a bit late though, still … it’s shocking me! O_o) that Alice will be graduate from Claris (graduate … yes I prefer graduate rather than leave … it’s also what she said in her message 😦 ) Sony Music Entertainment as their label records already confirm that in May 26 (wow, I didn’t notice that … why didn’t I found it sooner -_- )  and the 3rd album Party Time would be Alice’s last album as a member of Claris T_T . It appear that Alice would want to concentrate on her study first as what she said in her message to the fans in Claris official site Continue reading


[Music In-View] Yanagi Nagi – Tokohana

Another good single released yesterday after the 3rd Claris album that’s also out yesterday, yanagi nagi coming with her newest single Tokohana. It’s basically an ending for the ‘currently aired’ anime series Black Bullet (while the OP theme already out last month) and would be her (if I’m not mistaken :-/ ) 12th single so far (exclude her work in collaboration with other singer) 😀

Contains of 6 track with half of it are instrumental, as I said before the first track is used for the Black Bullet ending theme which is also used as the single title, while the rest are new songs. The single out with 2 different edition, the regular and the limited edition which include a DVD video (music video) as a bonus.

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[Music In-View] Claris – Party Time

It’s only 2 month after the last single “STEP” released in April which is basically a single for the Anime series Nisekoi that also airing around that season (If I’m not mistaken, Nisekoi is on the spring anime season category, while today season for anime are categorized as summer), now this lovely duo came with their newest and 3rd album so far 😀

The 3rd is called Party Time … yeah let’s party 😀 … while this should be release in April 4, 2014 but the Limited Edition (with DVD) already “launched” yesterday (or maybe 2 days ago, even in are available for purchase 🙂 ) though the regular edition and 1 special edition will be release tomorrow (pre order already open though :p). The regular still contains only their 12 track without any bonuses, while the limited will be with 1 DVD contains of PV for “colorful” (Madoka Magica Movie), “CLICK” and “STEP” (Nisekoi OP theme) and some “stuff” 😀
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[Music In-View] Mikako Komatsu – Owaranai Melody o Utai dashimashita


Maybe a bit late, but finally … the single that I’ve waiting all the day after watching Kami-sama no Inai Nichiyoubi, perform by this cutie Komatsu Mikako it’s an ending theme single of the anime series. With title Owaranai Melody o Utai dashimashita it was already released at July 24, 2013 by King Records in two form, Limited Edition and Regular Edition, this single would be the 3rd single so far for Komatsu Mikako, after her first album release in February (Thee Futures) this would also be her first single in 2013.

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[Music In-View] Yanagi Nagi – Euaru


I though I post about Yanagi Nagi latest single 2 months ago, A single that release to enliven the anime series Yahari ore no seishun rabukome wa machigatteiru. Now Geneon Universal as her current label record, on July 03, 2013 … also for the first time … release the first album of Yanagi Nagi, with title Euaru … her debut album in this industry (and I hope it’s not her last album 😀 )

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[Music In-View] Claris – Second Story

0001_Copy I still remember the first time I heard “irony”, the first single release from this duo. While watching oreimo, the opening take my interest and began to think “nice op” then searching through the internet and found out the singer name “claris”, not only that, it turn out that this duo in their first debut to the J-Pop and anime music industry with “irony”, is only a junior high school student … I mean 2 junior high students (now I think they’re already senior high) ^.^ using the “anon status” with initial Clara + Alice = Claris, they’ve success to release 7 singles and 2 albums so far … good result, considering they’re still high school students (even some of their single listed in top ten Oricon Monthly Singles and Albums last year) 😀 Continue reading

[Music In-View] marble – Mirai Scope


Another good album recommended for your playlist ^.^ It’s the duo Micco (Vocal, Lyrics) and Tatsuya Kukichi (Accoustic, Composer) in marble with their newest 4th album Mirai Scope that was released at May 22, 2013 by Lantis, it almost 3 year after the previous album Lingering Fizz (that already came to market in 2010 … and I miss that T_T). In total of 12 track, it also contains of 4 anime OST such as Hanasaku Iroha Character song fluffy (Wakura Yuina image song), Hidamari Sketch x SP ending theme nora, Hidamari Sketch x Honeycomb ending theme Yume Gumo, and Mashiro iro Symphony ending theme Suisai Candy, also one PC galge/VN OST from fairys game “Ima sugu onii-chan ni Imouto datte iitai” Mirai Silhouette
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[Music In-View] Eufonius – KoiTabi ~ True Tours Nanto


Everytime we hear Eufonius in the world of J-music, the things come in our mind is about a group of progressive pop which contain of 2 + 1 personnel, Riya as vocalist and the lyrics and Hajime Kikuchi as composer and the music instrumental (mostly keyboard/piano), plus 1 other member Masashi Okubo as a supporting member (though the main is the first two), and in this half of 2013, they release the music collection of the anime series Koi Tabi in May 24, 2013 under Lantis label. The contents is full of music instrumental with only 3 songs by Riya in total of 18 tracks …

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[Music In-View] ChouCho – Sora to Kimi no Message


Following the yesterday Music In-View, another good single coming to my Playlist (and my recommend list :p). Another my fav singer, Choucho with her 7th and the latest single Sora to Kimi no Message. While the previous one “Dream Riser” (Girls und Panzer OP Theme) basically released in 2012, so this single is her first single that release in 2013 (May, 22 released under Lantis). The single only contains 2 songs and 2 off vocal instrumentals
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[Music In-View] Yanagi Nagi – Yukitoki


… been a while 😀 … I don’t have any reason (and I don’t want to make any) for now, just … I feel that “a bit lost” ˁ˚ᴥ˚ˀ
set aside, this season filled with so much good anime and their music (as well) ^.^ and … with all the good music/ost out there, the Yahari ore no seishun rabukome wa machigatteiru OP Theme has caught my eyes … or should I say, my ears. It’s not because the song is good (ah … don’t misunderstand, it is a good song indeed), because the singer also delight me ^.^/
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