[Galge List] of June (2014)

Back with a list that is suppose to posted in June (but it turn posted in July instead, sorry ^.^) with 3 big title coming in June, parretto’s title Koi ga Sakukoro Sakura Doki maybe is the most anticipated title in June. The game that they’re already announced it 2 years ago (yep, it’s been 2 years since their open the site in public for the first time with only a character silhouette on it ^-^). Following parreto, there’s caramel-box’s Semirami no Tenbin, a new project from the maker of that phenomenal trap galge Otoboku (but this new game isn’t a trap game :D) and GIGA’s newest Harvest Overlay. The rest are Aries game Scramble Lovers, and ID’s game Love Relation

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[Galge List] of May (2014)

Back to listing some galge again, but I’m barely playing some (blamed this summer anime season for that, too much good series that is a pity to missed) 😀

Anyway this month will be great …

… or so I want to shout at first, after I got the fact that muv luv Total Eclipse are cancelled for this month and move to July 😦 the other are still on the track such as Ensemble’s Golden Marriage, the debut Majo Koi Niki from Qoobrand, and Sorahane’s 3rd Haruka Kanata (somehow, this game remind me of Yosuga no Sora, for it’s similar heroine and the protagonist :D) along with Happiness Emotion from windmill, the porting of old PS2 120 En no Haru from nekonekosoft and the new but old Cube game Your Diary+H … yes, it’s an old game that got PSP version last year, and it seem this version is based on the PSP version with the addition of some new scenario and stuff (you know what I mean about H, right? :D) while ID’s Love Relation got delay to next month.

not much of the choice for this month, but it’s also a good thing for your wallet (and your space :D) … and just as usual, be careful with the link :p (18+ only)

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[Galge List] of April (2014)

I have return 😀 with a list for this month. had been busy lately with some work and vocaloid …. xD got addicted to that (and their project diva) which made me leave galge world for a while 😦 (I’m sorry for that and my pardon for 3 month missing list ._. … well this supposed to be march list but I’m move to April :3)

Anyway, here’s the list for April’s release that is worth to play (based on my observation :p ) and I will try my best not to slack off again 😦

but … I didn’t see any title that catch my interest in this list 🙂

All of the game are released in the same date April, 25 and rated for ages Over 18 … so, be careful when you enter the link (I’m warning you :3)

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