[Galge List] for August (2013)

Uh … I almost forgot about today’s list >.<

In August we’ve got a plenty of galge with almost all the release are nuki-ge (but I won’t listed that type of galge ^.^). Hook-soft’s Priministar, Minato Carnival’s Tsujido-san no Virgin Road, and Cinematograph’s Innocent Bullet would be a good choice for this month, while, of course … we can’t cast aside the rest of the list. Some of the title release in August 23 (today), while the rest of the list will coming in 30

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[Galge List] for August

Not much big title come in this August, some of them are the delayed games that supposed to released in some previous month, such as Favorite’s Irotoridori no Hikari (new date release at August 31), Propeller’s Tokyo Babel (new date  release at August 31)Sphere’s Imouto no Kartachi (new date release at August 31), and Bonbon’s Hin wa boku ra no Fukunokami (new date release at August 24). The only big thing for this month is Ocelot’s new game “不死鬼譚 きゅうこん – 千年少女” (Fushi Oni Tan Kyukon – Chitose Shoujo) and Light’s Dies Irae series “Amantes Amentes” (the PC version of the PSP game that already released at June). As usual, Mostly come near the end of august, except some title that came in the beginning, like Type Moon’s Mahou Tsukai ni Yoru regular edition and Lump of Sugar’s 学☆王 It’s Heartful Days (a fandisc of the previous “The Royal Seven Star”)

Well … the list are here :> (I already post some of the game that delayed before, so I won’t add it on this month list, except Favorite’s game that I forgot to add in last month list :D)

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