[Galge Preview] Dolphin Divers

Meet AXL new project “Dolphin Divers” 

the 8th project from AXL so far, after their previous Itoshi Kanojo no Mamorikata. Planning to release at June 29, 2012, AXL want to bring a new experience in their new maritime theme (or maybe because summer is near) “explore the ocean in galge world” xD

Story began in a small island with a school facility in marine research and exploration, player will meet Takeru Asami, an orphaned young boy who came to this island with a dream. Continue reading


AXL’s Second Vocal Collection


yesh … AXL second collection songs of their games xD


this 2nd volume include the OST from their 2 games

7 songs from Princess Frontier

and the last 7 songs from Like a Butler

they’ll release this collection on August 28 this year, though it had a possibility that they’ll sale it at C76 too xD (maybe a limited edition)

(info at their Official Site xD)