Various Artists – Nogizaka Haruka no Himitsu Purezza A LA CARTE 1

New album from various artists that sing the insert theme song in eps 4 TV anime series of Nogizaka Haruka no Himitsu Purezza, well … you know … that Jingle Bell as Insert song in eps 4 (Christmas Party at Yuuto House)

Album title A LA CARTE 1, and was released at November 26, 2009. All the artists in this album are Noto Mamiko, Gotou Mai, Shimizu Kaori, Ueda Kana, Satou Rina, and Watanabe Takeshi (for the instrumental music), not mentioned all the seiyuu in the anime series that give their performance in 2 dorama CD that included in this album

sneak peek the tracklist

01. Audio Drama “Moratte Kudasai……”

02. Jingle BellMai Gotou & Mamiko Noto

03. Audio Drama “Himitsu da yo”

04. Christmas wo Yamenaide! – Mamiko Noto, Mai Gotou, Kaori Shimizu, Ueda Kana, Rina Satou

05. Purezza no Nichijou

06. Xmas da yo, Onii-san!

07. Nocturne Jogakuin Lacrosse-bu

08. Watashi, Hajimete nano de…

09. Aikawarazu na Sanbaka

10. Comical Purezza

11. Alice Hatsudou

12. Yahho, Onii-san!

13. Dokidoki Suru Kokoro

14. Hanashiaite

15. Watashi, no Christmas desu…

that Audio Drama is the dorama CD (or so i called it xD though in the album, it said Audio Drama).

The Audio Drama is the story around Christmas party in Nogizaka’s residence, well … another version of eps 4 anime series Christmas party, though the difference in eps 4 is, they hold the party at Yuuto House minus his sister and the homeroom teacher, also Shina (but in Audio Drama, they’re there). Ah … btw, Himitsu da yo is the continuation of Moratte Kudasai.

you know … i really hope that the 2 drama in this album can be turned into an anime or maybe an OVA soon (pliz, make that one ;_;) honestly … i really-really wanna see it, especially (a bit spoiler maybe :p) Haruka in a drunk condition (in Moratte Kudasai) O_o also everyone’s sleeping dream (it seem all the chara, except Mika and Yuuto have a ‘funny’ dream) and a kissing (nope … i don’t think that i’m wrong spelling it :p) Christmas present from Mika (in Himitsu da yo) O_o

even though Christmas is still 3 weeks away, but for a collection … this is a nice thing xD

if you not satisfied about the eps 4 progress, and want some alternative story then, this album is a must (well … that 2 drama is a must) xD

Haruka in a drunk condition is ‘scary’ xD