Koibumi Romantica Theme Songs

these are Opening Theme mini album and Theme Song album for newest galge from Chuable soft titled Koibumi Romantica

1. Koibumi Romantica OP Theme Song

koibumi romantica_OP_Theme_song

this was the first released Koibumi mini album (14-08-2009) and contain only a Koibumi Romantica Opening Song performed by Marie, because the rest are Instrumental Theme performed by Kensei (Silver Seat Studio)  for each character/heroine in the game

those are

01. Koibumi romantica – Marie [mediafire download]

02. Koibumi romantica (off vocal)

03. Kikyou (Kikyou no Theme)

04. Rappazuisen (Virginia no Theme)

05. Hinagiku (Mitsu no Theme)

06. Suzuran (Raika no Theme)

07. Nadeshiko (Ginjou no Theme)

plus one bonus track the arrangement version of the opening theme

koibumi romantica ~BUCHIAGE TRANCE Style~

2. Koibumi Romantica – Soranone – Various

koibumi romantica Kayou Zenshuu -Soranone-

1 month after the OP theme released, in October 18 2009 (concurrently with the game released), the theme various album was released. Various Artist gave their performance here, even Rita (all the galge player should have known her :p a well-known Theme Song galge singer)

in this album includes

01. Soranone – Kensei (Silver Seat Studio) <– this is an instrumental

02. koibumi romantica (Album ver.) – Marie

03. Sono Ohenji wo ~Kikyou – Momoi Ichigo *

04. Niji – yuiko

05. Yasashisa wo Kanadete ~Virginia – suine *

06. Just feel you – Rita

07. Natsukashii Senaka ni ~Mitsu – Okuyama Ayumi *

08. Kaze ni Notte – anporin [mediafire download]

09. Yuuge no Uta – Marie

10. Hirogatteyuku Sekai he ~Raika – Hinaki Ai *

11. Hatsukoi Bugi – yuiko

12. Massuguna Hitomi de ~Ginjou – Kinohara Sayaka *

13. Yume no Naru Ki – Rita

14. Hana Saku Koi yo – anporin

15. Seikou Toutei – Marie

some of the track, mark by (*) aren’t songs (they’re just character voice from each heroine in the game)


and … as you can see, my fav track are those which marked by bold xD especially Kaze ni Notte (feel the retro J-pop style music xD), nice album, though not all the track i like (only some of them)

the music style in some of the song, somehow feels like old style Japanese pop (maybe because the game itself using Retro Japanese as background story) xD

i got the album from [Nipponsex] using torrent … there’s still some active seeder left (visit tokyotosho.info) i recommend you to download it right now while the seeder still ON xD

i don’t upload all of the songs here (well … you know, i didn’t have the right … i only upload some for sample just like above), but if you really want the rest of the songs (or the whole album) in condition (of course) if the torrent is already down (or dead) maybe you can ask me (using my mail at shiro_leonheart@yahoo.co.uk or comment here) and i’ll try to upload it here (thought only for some time :D)

about the game … Koibumi Romantica