[Galge News] The new Material Brave and a sweet sound of a Kissbell … plus a ZERO

While waiting for Anoore in 28th, lets take a little peek on their 2 new project :>

First is Metal Brave Ignition. This game is a sequel … hmm 😕 … more precisely is a new chapter of the previous Baldr Force Metal Brave. Adding a new story each heroine, new mystery and new enemy, plus 😕 it seem Ena Kuraki will also had her new story in this game (that’s the why she is on the cover xD).

Gameplay is still the same as the previous one, but the developer promise a new dungeon system for more fun. Some changes also includes more advances costume and accessories equipment (so we can make our own custom character :-?). The site open in last August, announced in PUSH and Tech Gian September edition, further info will coming soon but some other info you can access here
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[Galge News] New from GIGA

After we’ve got Material Brave last month … soon we well got Manami >.< err … I mean GIGA’s new project “Anoko ha Ore Kara Hanarenai” (the tittle sound cute >.<). Planning to release this year, though the date still unsure, Push magazine (April edition) already introduced this project.

Just visit their official site (picture above) though the extra and download corner still “coming soon”, I think this will be a worth game to play (and seems like the story looks cute too >.<)

All the chara is cute >.< maybe because it’s Niro art 😕

[Galge News] Second Dive for Baldr Sky


Baldr Sky series got the second Dive on November 27 this year (if Giga himself didn’t delay it)
Info about this game on Giga official site (i’m glad they didn’t close the site yet) or Getchu (i didn’t give you the link because it’s not safe for work) ^_^

though they pointed this game for Japan Sales Only, as their written it on the Official Site ;_;  (well … you know what i mean, right!? 🙂 )