[Galge List] for July (2013)

Hmm … where should I start? :-/
This month upcoming galge isn’t as “wow good” as the previous month … even for me, only 3 title that catch my interest (+ 2 delayed game from previous month) while the rest are “so-so” I think :D. Two big name coming with their newest title for this month release, Yuzu Soft with their Amairo Islenauts, and then Navel with the continuation of the previous Tsuki ni Yorisou Otome no Sahou called Ecole de Paris, the 3rd is Softpal-Hearts galge Koisaku Miyako ni Ai no Yakusoku o ~Annaffiare~ + 2 delayed game that supposed to release in June now coming to July, (P.W.) Ore to Kanojo ga Mistery-na Ken ni tsuite and (WHITESOFT) Gangsta Republica

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[Galge List] for July 2012

July … the month that most of the fans would be delighted, of course … some big names with their big title (depend on market sale) will come in this month, though the storm will began in the middle (of the month). As usual, in the early of July only some nuki ge that comes to market. Pulltop’s galge “Kono Oozora ni, Tsubasa o Hirogete” reguler edition come in the middle (though the limited edition is already out in may … sorry my miss -_-), and some of the big (most waited) title come in near end of the month, such as Tokei Jikake no Ley-line (unisonshift blossom), Guilty Crown: Lost X-mas and ReWrite Harvest Festa (Key)

most of the galge for July release in 27, and of course I wont forget my list 😀 though maybe some of this will be your fav too:
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