[Galge List] of June (2014)

Back with a list that is suppose to posted in June (but it turn posted in July instead, sorry ^.^) with 3 big title coming in June, parretto’s title Koi ga Sakukoro Sakura Doki maybe is the most anticipated title in June. The game that they’re already announced it 2 years ago (yep, it’s been 2 years since their open the site in public for the first time with only a character silhouette on it ^-^). Following parreto, there’s caramel-box’s Semirami no Tenbin, a new project from the maker of that phenomenal trap galge Otoboku (but this new game isn’t a trap game :D) and GIGA’s newest Harvest Overlay. The rest are Aries game Scramble Lovers, and ID’s game Love Relation

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[Galge List] for June (2013)

Back to our “original” business, it appear that this month will become a blood … good month for galge player. Most of the game release at June 28, several big hit from well known galge developer also coming on that day, include sphere’s Berry’s, feng’s Chisana Kanojo no Sayokyoku, Cotton Soft’s Futagoza no Paradox, and SMEE’s FuruRaba (not mention the other such as Marmalade, Klien and even N+) … key’s Kudo Wafuta All Age Version also coming on this month.

Except all the “Nuki-Ge Type” of galge and several that close to it (if you ask why? I’ll answer it later :D) here is my “playlist” of the upcoming storm of galge this month ^.^ (btw, All of the game are basically for 18+ players .. so be careful ^_^)

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[Galge List] for June 2012

姉さんに恋をして、姉さんも恋をして、姉さんと恋をした。 アステリズム 応援中!June is coming now ^.^ well because of my late comeback, I miss the previous galge in May, but lets start it from this Month.

In this month, we won’t had a good galge in the beginning (well there is some, but most of it are nuki-ge or the series that only focus on ero, instead of story ^^;), but near the end of the month, most of the good series come to market (of course depend on their developer which sometimes delay it) and all of them released in 29, except a repack of Da Capo II PC & DC II To You (a side story of Da Capo) and RE:Therapy from Kogado Studio in 28. (What about console game/VN?? … well for now console is out of my question ^.^)

Here is my list, and maybe some of it are your fav series ^.^/

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