[Galge News] around January

Happy New Year …. though  its already that late ^.^ While I’m away (from the Internet for a while) it seem some interesting things coming up around December to January, the big one that made me excited is the Key project on bringing Angel Beats to the world of Visual Novel … well, this rumor is already come out long enough … still, it made me more excited after the official site announced at Dec 27, 2013 (3 days after my last Dec update list post, and my vacation time ^.^)


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[Galge News] Little peek again :>

Little peek again for today ^.^

<Update> Let start with those 5 heroine (above) from upcoming untitled 12th project of Hook. Site open from April 18, and already announced officially at TechGian June edition (the magz released at April 20)

… other info … still none (xD)

And just like Windmill and Paretto, you will found only heroine silhouette on the official site (click pic above) 😀

Next is …
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