A Clockwork Ley-Line novel



This is the last chapter of  2 people story

also the beginning of all

A bit busy with RL work, I missing some of my time for my otaku world (lol xD), though a bit late … Unisonshift (in the beginning of this month D: … this is my miss ;__;) had announced that their newest (next month released) galge “Tokei Jikake no Ley Line” will have Novel version titled “A Clockwork Ley-Line: Unmei no Mawaru Mori”. Written by Ichikawa Tamaki (the one who write Nanatsuiro Drops novel version, also the screenwriter of Flyable Hearts) and Illustration by Noiji Itou (at least the fans will be pleased with this :D) there is no other info except the writer and illustrator also a little description about the novel (and don’t ask me about the description yet >.<) but it seem the story will take those two (above) as the main role 😕

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[Galge Preview] Flyable Candy Heart

(maybe I’m a bit late but …) let’s meet the Unisonshift Blossom 5th Project which also a spin off of Flyable Heart. Adding some -new but familiar- heroine and alternative story of each heroine (from the original game) plus … you’ll found cameo from 3 previous Blossom’s work (not just one but three :O I don’t know what Blossom is thinking while making this project) … well, about cameo itself isn’t odd, because at the previous game, Nadeshiko and Sumomo (from Blossom’s previous Project Nanatsuiro Drops) appears as cameo (it is said that Nadeshiko is Kei’s little sister xD)

There are 6 main story in this game and each story relate to each heroine, but the newest update from official site said that, 2 another story relate with 2 -new but familiar- heroine also added in the game …. who’re the new heroine?? lets flashback a lil bit about them (if you already playing the previous game, you will know them :p)

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[Galge News] Blossom’s 4th Project Announcement

『Flyable Heart 応援中!』

A Glimpse …

finally, they announced their 4th project under Blossom brand, a new game from Unisonshift Blossom with, of course, main artworker still … Noizi Itou sensei xD

for now they announced the title as Flyable Heart: If That Time

site announcement at December 14, and they’ll open the information about the game at 2010 (we just have to wait of course ;_;) and seems like, this is the sequel of their 3rd game Flyable Hearts xD (if that’s true, then i would be very happy to hear that thing … of course … it’s about Amane-chan xD)

everything will be revealed at 2010, so all i need to do is wait

now i got this and akatsuki no goei to be my most waited game in the list >:)

but i think … they’ll give some or other information about this game at COMIC MARKET 77 (Comike 77) 😀