[Galge List] for October (2013)

Maybe this is the shortest list (that I’ve ever list so far). October playlist of galge contain only 3 title that (based on my “observation” so far :p) worth to play, compared to the merrier we’ve got last month (and so), this month is shortage. Well, it’s true that those 3 are big name in galge industry. Anyway, let’s take a little peek about that 3 game before you decide to play it 😀 …

All of the game in this list released at October 25, 2013 and only for players above 18 years old (so becareful :D)
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[Galge List] for October

I’m sorry … yes I know, I’ve been busy with my work lately that I almost forgot about my own blog 😦 (it sound like an excuse now that I frequently said sorry ^-^;) It should be in the beginning of this month but lets start the list now xD

As usual, galge is never end so I hope you wont get bored that every month this blog will give you a galge list 😀 well, for this month, not much title released in market (and again don’t ask about nukige because that genre almost never absent every month xD) and for this month, all the good (or considered good by me :p) are coming in October 26, includes some big title such as Navel’s Tsuki ni Yorisou Otome wo Sahou, Marmalade’s Koiiro Mariage, and Studio Ryokucha’s Shukufuku no Kanenone wa Sakurairo no Kaze to Tomo ni

The rest of the list is here

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