[Galge News] A Little Peek ^.^

<Update> Celebrate their 10 anniversary, Windmill present their fans 2 gift of new project … first is Kamigakari Cross Heart” which already announced a long time ago 😀 and be on market at 25 this month (this year) … second is … <that picture above> … a project called “Witch’s Garden” 😕

What is that? a galge, or … ??

Well … the answer is obvious (of course xD). Koocha will handle the art, and they planning to release this on summer (seems like so) … other info … still none for now xD even the official site only give you a ‘comming soon’ banner ^.^

ok … thats from Windmill (did you think it’s over? … no … not yet xD)

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[Galge News] Hare tokidoki o Tenki Ame

Paretto’s 11th project has been revealed, Hare tokidoki o tenki ame. After being absent from 2 previous project (Ateiru and Mashiro) the duo combination of Kusukusu (artworker) and NYAON (story) is finally back now (their last work together is Sakuranbo Strasse). Well, I know you probably will wondering what’s so good about those duo … then play their previous game (sakura strasse and moshiraba) xDD

Anyway … other info are still unsure (it is said that planning to release this year), but … official site contents already updated with new thing at Jan 13 ago (game banner) xD


[Galge News] Steal My Heart (Sutei~ru My Haato)

finally … Paretto had revealed the silhouette of their new project on the website 😀 titled Steal My Heart, this would be their 10th project so far :O with original artwork by Tamahiyo (the artist of Emupi, Meri+Dia, and their game before Moshiraba) seems like, they return to their original artist :p. Planning release on summer this year, official site had opened 3 days ago (click the pic above) 😀

Story on their site … sorry … my Japanese isn’t good enough, so please … read it by yourself on the site (I will post the preview … when I got the demo, or something like that :P) … other info still in the stat of “Coming Soon” xD

[Preview] Mashiro Iro Symphony: Love is Pure White

mashirosneak peek Parretto’s new game, Mashiro Iro Symphony. Release date at October 30, 2009 (i hope this isn’t like Sakura Tale which is delayed 1 week before the release date xD). A little different from Paretto’s last game (Sakura Strasse and Sakuranbo Strasse with Kusukusu as the chara designer), this time Tsubasu Izumi will handle the character design, a well-known artworker who made Colorful Pop series of artbook and feng’s game (such as Akaneiro ni somaru saka and Aozora no mieru oka)

cg-sample from the sitewell, just like the other galge, the story is around a boy name Uryuu Shingo. His school and a prestigious all-girls school in his city had agreed to make an integration, and Shingo is chosen to attend in that girls school as one of the selection. Of course not all the girl member agreed with that (some of them ar rich girls), so Shingo must prepare himself for some “man’s rejection” at that school ^^


Sena Airi

The school director’s daughter. Sena is clear-headed and good looking girl in school (idol eh!? ^^) but easily swayed by emotion and sometimes take a though stance against Shingo.

Uryuu Sakuno

Shingo’s step sister (that’s what i got :p), good at cooking and in charge of cooking at home. She really like her brother (seem like another bro-con xD)

Angelina Nanatsu
a maid, bright and positive character (other info are unknown ;_;)

Amoha Miu
(Amoha … a bit strange name IMO ^_^) a senpai (senior), who is nice to other, also a rich girl. She like animal and a strange animal (that look like a cat) called Pannya always on her head ^^

Opening by Hashimoto Miyuki titled Symphonic Love (シンフォニック・ラヴ)

another worth game, especially from paretto xD and their style (showing off the character’s back) seems like didn’t disappear ^^


C76 from Paretto

from Paretto we got THIS
mashiro_setmashiro set of merchandise ;_; (i really want all of them but i can’t go to Japan)

the game itself will be release at October 30 this year (another my most waiting game) xD

also we got this too xD

pareoto2if i’m not mistaken … this soundtrack album include all the OST game from 2006 to 2009 though from what i see it’s only 3 series of their games (include 1 fandisc) 😀

4 songs from Moshimo Ashita ga Harenaba

2 songs from Emupii

4 songs from Sakura Strasse

and the last 2 songs from Sakuranbo Strasse (Sakura Strasse fandisc)

i’m waiting for this one xD

the other nice stuff on their Official Site (well … just click the pic above) xD