Happy Holidays


It’s Late one day!!!

Okay yeah I know

lately I’ve been really busy with my job (in real life) that I barely have a time  just to have this Christmas happy time 😐 well … don’t ask, cause we really won’t have a thing called Christmas Holiday or something like that at my place, even I must back to work today (Dec 26) -_- But (even the holiday is only 3 days for me) I still enjoy my Christmas with my family 😀 .oO(hmm … now it’s more like a diary)


to all of you who celebrate it

and for this year Christmas, we’ve got a new and the first Christmas single from Monkey Majik 😀 a Canadian-Japanese music group from Sendai (and the group who perform the Opening theme of Nurarihyon no Mago anime TV series) which was released in Dec 5, 2012

A Christmas Song

I really love their first song and also the hits of this single A Christmas Song, this lovely collaboration with the Legend musician Oda Kazumasa (Tokyo Love Story) makes the song sound beautiful, the PV (above) also made me remember my childhood with my little sister. I’m not good with word (but I recommended this single for Christmas :D) the rest of the single is Let it Snow and Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas

By the way, a little gift from me … from now on, I (maybe :p) will use this new theme from Automatic, I still like the previous one (it’s almost 3 years I think that I used Regulus as the theme), but I think this blog need something fresh (for the new year) 🙂

If you want the background as a wallpaper, you can have it 😀


and I’m sorry, seem like this month list will be a little late 😦


Resuming Blogging >_<

yay >.<

Almost a year this blog in a dormant status xD, I know … half of it was my fault 😦 after graduated from University, got a job in real life, I almost never had a chance to give some update, even I didn’t have a time playing galge ;__; the other half was because I didn’t have reliable Internet Services ;__; (and of course, too much problem this and problem that in RL takes a lot of my time D:)

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Earthquake in Japan (8.9 magnitude O_o)

8.9 magnitude with tsunami at Japan O_o (according to the radio news that I just heard with tsunami warn)

Lets pray for their safety, and hope the disaster will fleeting away soon ;__;

as I already experience how the earthquake feels (living in Indonesia mean you must got used to it too), I hope everybody there is safe as well ;__;

I’m (Still) Alive ^^;

chara by Naoto Tenhiro

yes … I’m still alive \^ 0 ^/

ahaha … well … first, I want to apologize for “the hiatus times” that I barely came here and didn’t update this blog due to my “college thesis time” ;__; (I’m really sorry)

second … I really … really really thank you to all of you (from the bottom of my heart), while I’m not here, this blog got 10000 hits \^o^/ hontouni … arigatou gozaimasu minna-san m(_ _) m because, all of you are willing to take your precious time just to click and visit this blog m(_ _)m (really2 thanks for all of your support :D)

ah … before I forgot … there’s an announcement that Mahou Tsukai no Yoru (Mahoyo) will be delayed to Winter (the date still unsure), well … TypeMoon already post that on Mahoyo official site (thought before they update mahoyo site, I already know the delay from my friend :D, but to making sure, I wait until they update the site :D)

trapped in the rain … i hate that!!

Today is Monday, isn’t it?!

I was out for some new Manga (new licensed) hunting at the (local) bookstore. It was a perfect weather, my mood is also in a good condition, using my bike, i go to an ATM machine first, for checking my fund balances (though the status at a critical level xD)

Today is monday … so, the traffic isn’t in a condition of “busy” (well … it was 10 am, it’s a work hours until breaking time at 12.00). while on the road … I saw something that’s makes you feel “aw … why should now” … but I think, it was a little cloudy (a little corner to the north) thing compare to the big scene of blue sky, so it wouldn’t be happen fast (I think … I still have a time for browsing at the bookstore).

That was I thought (and I really regret it for thinking so naive like that -_-). Arrive at the store, the “cloudy thing” that I was saw still a little thing in the sky, now have grown bigger than before (what the hell …). Knowing it would be a bad thing if I stay a bit longer, I decided to finish that in an instant (because I forgot to brought my raincoat), not much that I’ve got (but success to bought Zero no Tsukaima Vol 1 xD) … Yes … that’s a good one …

Paying at the counter (queued in the list no 5 xD). Taking a while in the counter, I began to worried about the weather … and to added that I feel really hungry now … finish with that … I take my bike in a hurry (I think it was 11 am … and the traffic looks a bit busy because of lunch break time) … finding some cafeteria (or a restaurant) would be my top priority (instead of straight to home, I won’t make it) … yes … that’s what i thought but … poorly … I really didn’t make it in time … ;_;

trapped in the middle of the rain (though I found some shelter) … didn’t brought a raincoat … plus a hungry stomach … ;_;

my mood meter dropped to below zero point :< where the blue sky that I saw before ;_; … what’s with this condition … (am I really didn’t allowed to go out from my room!?)

maybe you will laugh when u saw my sulky face (even I want to laugh right now xD)  2 hours and 30 minutes for waiting the rain to at least calm a bit (though it still won’t stop till i’m home xD)

Happy Holiday

chara by Senomoto HisashiHAPPY HOLIDAY xD

well … sorry for this inconvenient, but from today to January next year, i’ll take some holiday (at my parents house … and without an Internet) so i’ll be gone for a while ;_; and wouldn’t be able to update this blog 😦

i’ll be back in January (i hope there’s no obstacle or something like that) but before i forgot this


hope next year will be better than this year 😀


[Galge News] Natsu Iro Penguin delay announcement


Another delayed galge 🙂 from September to October, and now November 27, 2009 😀 the delay release date announced at their official site (Little Princess Soft … well, just click the pic above). Seems like they’re still need to fix some problem in this game (maybe xD)

Just wait patiently xD

sdc_0070“hehehe … you don’t have to worry sir, i’ll wait patiently for that delicious thing to released”