[Galge News] 2 new peek

This year summer (and in the near end of summer) galge fans would be delighted with some good (highlighted) newly released, and today’s peek, we got 2 new title from 2 good developer.

First is from a developer which is known from their fantasy love galge combined with Tenmaso artwork, Whirlpool. They give a title “Ryuuyoku no Melodia”  and planned to release it at September 28, 2012. Official site (just click the pic above) open in May 17 featuring story, character, gallery and banner with a countdown release date on the top-right of the site …

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Sakakibara Yui – You (Love) I

1st. I want to thank you for all of you who come (and notice this blog :p), give a comment, and for all of your support in this blog that have reach 5000 hits (I sincerely thank you from the bottom of my heart xD),

2nd. I’m a bit sorry for some late update, because of my PC problem lately I barely able to update this blog ;_; and now my PC is back, this blog will alive again :p

back to topic (leave aside that 2nd thing), we got new album again from Sakakibara Yui, You Love I – Sweet Tuned by 5pb.-, release by 5pb at February 3, 2010 (wow … it’s already that late … sorry ;_;). This album contains of all her song from previous single (also some hits from previous album), some of her old song such as Magical Generation (you know … this is the ending of TV Anime Happiness! and released at 2006 :O), also Kanokon ending theme Koi no Honoo, Hapitora opening theme Deja Vu, some console game (PSP and PS2) soundtrack, including RISE (Prism ark PS2 ending theme), Happiness Houteishiki (Happiness De:Luxe opening theme) and 2 Kanokon Esui (PS2 game of Kanokon) theme song :3

here’s the tracklist :3

01. LOOP

02. Toki no Nai Sekai

03. Happiness Houteishiki

04. Soshite Boku ha…

05. Silky Rain

06. Nanairo MERRY→GO→ROUND

07. Magical Generation

08. Distance

09. RISE

10.Deja vu

11.Koi no Honoo

12.Natsu no Inori

13.Eien no Koi

14.Eternal Snow

15.You Love I -we will be together-

only three songs; LOOP, Nanairo MERRY→GO→ROUND, and You Love I -we will be together- that isn’t in any of OST series (even there is a mark of love on that three songs in the album back cover) well … maybe the 3 is the new song in this album :p

anyway, if you’re a fans of Yui-nyan, you must get this, though some of the song are old 😀 … and I thanks to LonE for the album :3

Sakakibara Yui – Unmei no Farfalla (X360 Steins;Gate ED Single)

Ending single from Nitro+ newest game/visual novel in console (Xbox 360) title Steins;Gate. Performed by (guess who!? xD) Sakakibara Yui, and was released (1 day before her Evergreen) at November 25, 2009 by 5pb

contains of 3 song and 2 off vocal song

01. Unmei no Farfalla

02. Masquerade -NOAH Daisanshou Retsuou Shinseikihen Yori-

03. Nageki no Arabesque -Single Limited Version-

04. Unmei no Farfalla (off Vocal)

05. Masquerade -Noa Daisanshou Retsuou Shinseikihen Yori- (off Vocal)

the game itself was release 2 month ago at Xbox 360 (October 15, 2009) though still in Japan (Jap version). It said that this is a sequel of Chaos;Head (take 1 year after the event in C;H), but … dunno if the PC version of this game also available (well … I hope they’ve made/port it soon :p)

well … just enjoy the single 😀 … (can’t enjoy the game, cause didn’t have a Console ;_;)

Sakakibara Yui – Evergreen

Sakakibara Yui again (and today with Element Garden xD) came with her new album, EVERGREEN, was released at November 26, 2009 by b-green.

as usual, this album contains PC galge theme song, includes Sakura Tale opening, Asanagi no Aquanauts opening, and Happiness! ReLuck opening, along with some PSP and PS2 game theme song and 2 TV anime theme song of H2O ~ Footprint in the Sand ~


01. Jounetsu no partita

02. Gessei no Kanon

03. Aqua Voice

04. Sakura Philosophy

05. Pink x Otome = Koi

06. Happy Day

07. Switch On

08. Tsurugi no Mai

09. Hoshi no Revolution

10. Netsujou STORY

11. Melody Time

12. Kitto Yume to Yuki de Dekiteiru

13. Katayoku no Icarus

well … a fans of Yui-nyan must have this xD

after this, i just have to wait patiently for her Christmas Present (xD) next single release “Happy⇔Lucky X’mas♪” (next month released) 😀

ah, btw … there were 2 released of this evergreen album, one with DVD bonus of Katayoku no Icaros (H2O anime opening theme) PV (seems like a limited edition) and the other without it.

The difference is visible from the front cover, the cover contain the DVD looks like cover above, and the one without it looks like pic on the left, though the contents of the CD still the same 😀

Sakakibara Yui – Yeeeeell!

01Yui-nyan iz back!!! xD

this is her new album, also her 5th album after the latest one titled Joker (last year released). well, to be honest, this album already released on August 26, 2009 (lol … i’m really that late to get this ;_;) but, let aside that thing for a while, and sneak peek the contents xD

01. Yeeeeell! (original)

02. It’s show time

03. Mecha Koi Ranman

04. Boku no Sekai

05. ACTION! (original)

06. warmth (original)

07. Eternal Ring

08. Taiyou no Saku Hoshi de

09. Festivity

10. Blue eyes

11. Try Real!

12. selfish (original)

13. Yume no Tsumi -End in childhood-

14. Shinju no Uta

15. Kiseki no Kizuna (2009 mix)

4 of them are original songs, and the rest (as usual) seems like game theme songs (though not all of them that i know).

Some of the theme that i know, are;

– It’s show time –> Time Leap Paradise (Front Wing’s game) Opening Theme

– Mecha Koi Ranman –> Tenshin Ranman (Yuzu soft’s latest game) Opening Theme

– Boku no Sekai –> Arupejio – Kimiiru no Melody (SIESTA’s game) Opening Theme

– Taiyou no Saku Hoshi de –> Himawari no Chapel de Kimi to (Marron’s game) Opening Theme

– Festivity –> Chu x Chu Paradise – Encore Live (Unisonshift Accent’s game) Opening Theme

– Blue Eyes –> Ending Theme from Fizz game titled Asanagi no Aquanauts

– Yume no Tsumi -End in childhood- –> Opening Theme from ank’s game titled Potto – Rondo for Dears

– Shinju no Uta –> Ending Theme Song of Nitro+ game titled Hello World

– Kiseki no Kizuna –> Opening Theme from Caramel Box’s (developer that made Otome wa boku ni koishiteru) game titled Meguri Hitohiro (the game release befor otoboku) but this is a remix version of the original one

01bas you can see from the Album titled xD 80% of the album contents are cheerful-type songs xD (except Blue Eyes and Shinju no Uta) and … after the released of this album, Yui-nyan released her new single (this month) titled Dejavu/Silky Rain 😀

about her last single –> see THIS

Sakakibara Yui – Deja vu/Silky Rain – Single

Yui-nyan Single - Deja vu_Silky Rainnew single from Sakakibara Yui (Yui-nyan) xD that was released at October 7 this year by 5pb/Five Records

this single includes 2 songs and 2 instrumental songs

o1. Deja vu

02. Silky Rain

03. Deja vu -off vocal-

04. Silky Rain -off vocal-

06Deja vu is an opening theme from Bloom Handle galge called Hapitora (Happy Transportation). The character above (inside the single there’s a picture like above xD) is Raika Roberts, a main heroine from the game and draw by Peko-sensei, a well known artist who also make previous game from Bloom Handle titled Konayuki Fururi and known by his work at (well-known Yuri series) Hanabira series. well … the game itself (Hapitora) was released at September 25, 2009 (last month) while Silky Rain is an [TV Tokyo] Anison Purasu+ opening theme.

about the game OP, you can watch the opening video of Hapitora at Youtub, or … if you think that going to youtub is a bit pain, here’s the Hapitora opening theme

05nice single you know 😀 i like both the songs in this single (and to think that i currently playing Hapitora xD)

if you’re thinking that you one of Yui-nyan fans, i think you shouldn’t miss this single, right!? (thanks to LonE again for this single xD)