[Preview] Akatsuki no Goei ~ Tsumibukaki Shuumatsuron ~


In August 23

The History began to move greatly

in that day, Japan makes a big decision, that every people in Prohibited Area, the area that always be the last fort where the people that did not admitted as human can escape safely, will be captured. All the police already encircled the area, TV reporter with a Helicopter, take from above and give a live broadcasting. The resident in Prohibited Area will be cornered soon, but it’s not their fault for being life and born in that area, they also want to live, want to admitted as human.

thus … something happen with the helicopter … the pilot, that seems like from a group who dislike the prohibited area being destroyed (maybe a group of terrorist), blown up the Heli along with all the reporter inside.

August 23 … the group began to move … with a purpose, to destroy the Wealthy Japan


Kaito Asagiri

the protagonist of this story, he was born in Prohibited Area, but now he is Reika’s Bodyguard. though never like being formal, and dislike be restrained by anyone, but he always do his job by protecting Reika. He likes Novel a lot (something that I’ve never imagine from someone like Kaito before xD).

Nikaido Reika

a daughter from wealthy family in Japan, a bit short-tempered but a perfect student in Ranou Gakuen :D. She’s just like Kaito, dislike being restrained by anyone, also dislike extremely stiff behavior. at first, She never like to having a bodyguard, but she changes her mind where Kaito saved her from a kidnapping attempt (in previous game). she had a twin sister, Aya.

Nanjou Kaoru

Classmate of Kaito, also a roommate of him when she dressed like a man and enter the Ranou gakuen with one purpose, to be a bodyguard. The first time they meet, Kaito immediately know that Kaoru is a girl (though he promise that he won’t tell anybody about that). seems like, she want to be a bodyguard because of her family

Miyagawa Kiyomi

New Character … Takanori’s (Bodyguard of Nikaido Aya) older sister. she was a government officer, and now working as a police inspector. meeting Kaito when she was jogging along (Kaito also jogging too) in a park. she had a strong sense of justice.

Hiiragi Akemi

Kaito’s homeroom teacher in his class.

a cheerful and energetic person who always smile. somehow, she looks like she hate Kaito?

… maybe


New Character … born in prohibited area, just like Kaito.

she didn’t trust anyone, always continue to fight for survive.

like to torture and never hesitated to kill (man, or woman).

already played the first one … then you MUST get the second one xD yap … the story in this sequel, will be more heavy and more bloody than the first one (try to play the demo first, if you curious about that :p … that … bloody Mai O_o :D) with more new character added (of course the old character also still there) and new heroine (except Reika Nikaido).

thanks to Shunsaku Tomose sensei, for this great artwork xD

Schedule for release at April 22, 2010 (as planned before :D) top priority for this month galge xD

character pic taken from getchu (except the screenshoot :D) … also the info about this game, just click the Akagoei 2 pic on the list in the bottom right side of the widget (or search on getchu) xD


[Galge News] Akatsuki no Goei – Tsumibukaki Shuumatsuron

follow the previous thing that I posted before, they already announced the release date at April 22, 2010 for the sequel of Akatsuki no Goei (though i got this from Getchu, because their official site isn’t available on my country :()

Opening video already available at youtube and getchu 😀

well … i really really waiting this game xD (my fav one, and my be the only one)

[Galge News] New Project from Syangrila Group

OK … after finally their site open in public again (i mean … public out of Japan xD) … i’m a bit shock about this O_o


Akatsuki no Goei – Tsumibukaki Shuumatsuron – (hope i’m not wrong spelling it xD)

Syangrila’s new project also new game from Akatsuki no Goei brand (after the fandisk Principal tachi no Kyuujitsu). It seems this is a sequel from the previous game (Akatsuki no Goei).

well … Kaito and Reika still take the role as main character (Hero and Heroine) but there are 4 new heroine added in this game, 2 of them are a familiar face though, and the other one are still unconfirmed xD (seems like all the heroine in previous game, except Reika, won’t had the role as heroine this time)

aside of that, there’s 1 heroine that should be considered in this game xD yup … it’s Kaoru Nanjou xD a principal of Kanzaki Moe in previous game (well … principal here is more like a bodyguard :D), and here’s her new appearance (picture in the left) O_o  … compare to her appearance in previous game (picture in the right)

. . . . . . IT’S CHANGE A LOT!! . . . . . . .

though a bit spoiler (maybe), Kaoru is … yup … originaly a girl xD and to think that she’s a dormitory roommate of  Kaito (the Hero) when they still in Principal Training (well … at that time, she’s a boy version xD)

there’re new added of sub character too, and about the synopsis of the story, you can read it at their official site ^^a (sorry … can’t read it and a bit lazy to translate it). About the release date schedule … well … still TBA ^_^ (the site itself, pic on the above, published at July 14, 2009, when their site still forbidden from outside Japan)

that’s for Syangrila’s new project, and now the other one from the new division of Syangrila, Syangrila Smart‘s new game Koi de wa naku (恋ではなく― It’s not love, but so where near ―)

all the info are still unavailable except the staff :D, well … just a peek isn’t hurt, i think 😛

well … about that 2 project … you don’t have to ask me how happy i am xD especially that sequel above xD maybe because i’m still unsatisfied about the ending in Akatsuki no Goei (especially Reika’s route xD) i’ll look forward the sequel 😀