[Galge News] Sneak peek what’s new in this period of month

While waiting for the release of this month new galge, let’s take a little peek of some upcoming galge from several developer that still on planned, well I won’t add all the galge developer here, but only several that I’m familiar with their work.

First, is the next project of Windmill, a yellow announcement came the first time we open their official site written “Next Project Open 06.21“. Not much information about the game itself except a notice from the staff that they will simultaneously open the game information in June 21, 2013. Curious? … same with me 😀 but from what it look (the chara silhouette), it appear this game is also using a magical theme just like the other Windmill game (it’s their speciality)

Following Windmill …
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[Galge News] Studio Ryokucha’s new project and the cabbit’s 2nd work

祝福 の 鐘 の 音 は,

桜色 の 風 と 共に

“Shukufuku no kane no oto ha, sakurairo no kaze to tomo ni” is the next project of Studio Ryokucha, developer that made Koiiro sora mo you, one of 20 best sales galge in 2010, and Koiiro sora mo you: after happiness and extra hearts, one of the 20 best galge in 2011 (according to getchu xD). Appearing in TechGian and Push august edition (released in june, 21) magazine, they planning to release this on October 26, 2012, while the site already open in June 22, there’s no other info except story and character on the site.

It seem the artist is different from the previous one 😕 though I hope this one as good as their previous work (Koi Iro Sora mo You) 😀

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[Galge News] Koiiro Sora mo You


maybe some of you already know this … but, yes … just like that pic said 😦 Studio Rokucha (developer that made Magic a Ride) already announced that their new galge date release will be change from 30th this month to March 26, 2010 (next year) x_x

that’s mean … long delayed :O :(( ;_;

they really didn’t do it half hearted and put it off until next year ;_; (even they put a banner like this on their official site)