[Galge News] Navel 10th Anniversary

Navel open their new box for celebrate their 10 anniversary by giving their fans a gift “Tsuki ni Yori sou Otome no Sahou“. Yep … and for that, they called back Suzuhira Hiro to join them again to collaborate with Nishimata Aoi for the project. It’s been a while for the combo, after their last work at Shuffle Essence Plus (and Navel only use Nishimata’s artwork in their game onward), now this two close friends working together again just like when they’re made that phenomenal Shuffle >.<

Planning to release at October 26 this year, the story will take All-Girl School, Maid, Character from overseas and Princess theme that somehow is too common in galge world … but 😀 …

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[Preview] Shuffle! Essence +


Continuation from previous thing about shuffle essence + that i write before. This 6th project from Navel will be released at October 30, 2009 (this month xD … well … maybe some of you already know about this)

The story still same with the original Shuffle (that’s what i got from getchu :p), about Tsuchimi Rin with his 3 childhood friend (osananajimi) Kaede, Nerine, and Sia, 1 senpai of him Asa, and loli Primula xD

…” still the same, how bored ” … that’s what i thought at first, even though they add some new heroine, but … seem like they also add some new story/episode for each heroine (or so i got … hope i didn’t wrong xD)

this shuffle will be the biggest shuffle they ever made xD (10 heroine so far), some of the heroine are new (i already told you before, didn’t i!?)

but i think a little refreshing didn’t bad … so here the “new” heroine are

2009.10.30発売のNavel新作『SHUFFLE! Essence+(シャッフル!エッセンスプラス)』を応援しています!
who didn’t know Kareha xD … this God tribe are Asa’s best friend, a classmate of Asa and in same cooking club with Asa. She like romance thing (well … you know right this romance freak who always said “my my my” and gone in her dream world alone xD)

Mayumi Thyme
2009.10.30発売のNavel新作『SHUFFLE! Essence+(シャッフル!エッセンスプラス)』を応援しています!
this pettan energetic girl who also Rin and Kaede’s classmate will also a heroine in this game xD (though she also appear in Really! Really?). She is half demon, half human (recognize from her different eyes) 😀

Sakura Yae
2009.10.30発売のNavel新作『SHUFFLE! Essence+(シャッフル!エッセンスプラス)』を応援しています!
another Rin’s (along with Kaede) childhood friend (from really! really?), she along with Kaede and Rin attend in the same junior school, but go in different high school after graduated from junior school. Good and sensitive girl, but sometimes easy to get panicked xD

2009.10.30発売のNavel新作『SHUFFLE! Essence+(シャッフル!エッセンスプラス)』を応援しています!
i think, this is an original new chara 😀

😕 other info are still unknown xD well … honestly, i didn’t know her :p except that she is one of Rin’s Classmate

Benibara Nadeshiko
2009.10.30発売のNavel新作『SHUFFLE! Essence+(シャッフル!エッセンスプラス)』を応援しています!
yay … this hot teacher (sensei) is back xD. Homeroom teacher of Rin class who teach world history. Nacchan is her nickname, gave by Mayumi xD and she already gave an appearance at Really! Really? (even some of the CG sample in this game are from Really! Really?)

2009.10.30発売のNavel新作『SHUFFLE! Essence+(シャッフル!エッセンスプラス)』を応援しています!
Tsubomi is Kareha’s little sister, she sometimes appear in Shuffle original (and really! really? if i’m not mistaken). Well … just like her sister ^^a she also like romance thing (though not that extreme like her sister Kareha) and like to read and write a romance novel

Ruri = Matsuri
2009.10.30発売のNavel新作『SHUFFLE! Essence+(シャッフル!エッセンスプラス)』を応援しています!
this is also original new chara i think 😕

well … she also (just like Sia) in God tribe … dunno, but sometimes she dressed like a man xD


the OP is already out at youtub

well … all shuffle fans can do now are just wait till October 30 xD (of course, i also wait this game)